Friday, January 1, 2016

China set to deploy 5000 Elite Troops in Syria

China set to deploy 5000 Elite Troops in Syria

     The Chinese government agreed the Russian proposal of sending ground troops in Syria to help Assad by fighting against Syrian Rebels and ISIS. The Chinese parliament passed a bill in last Sunday that would allow the Chinese troops to carryout anti terror missions abroad. After passing the bill, China announced that they will ready to deploy some 5000 elite special forces into Syria to carryout ground operation.

    China is known as five super power nation with huge military and ground forces. However China is known for least experienced ground forces in the world when comes to counter terrorism missions. Actually China too faced some terrorists activities in Chinese Islamic populated city Uighur, with the powerful ground forces China managed to eradicate the terrorist activities. China also deployed some ground forces in many African nations to secure their interests.

    Nigeria is known as better Chinese influence in Africa, Where most of the Business carried out by Chinese Tycoons. they were protected by the Chinese intelligence and Chinese forces. The China also earlier carried out drone tests in Nigeria. However the test failed. China always relies on their troop numbers. They easily outnumber enemy troops by deploying more troops in a matter of time. The Blue water Navy from China also kept ready near the coasts for emergency assistance.

    One of the Chinese special forces under PLA known as "Siberian Tiger" The elite ground forces known as conducting special operation missions in any situations. They were trained in Air and Water too. China plans to deploy some 2000 plus elite Siberian Tigers into Syria to assists Syrian Iranian Hezbollah terrorist led ground offensive against FSA and ISIS in Syria.

    Night Tiger is another Chinese special forces who specially trained in counter terrorism operations. The Special forces known as one of the first Chinese active Counter terrorism group which was established in early 2000. China plans to send some 3000 Night Tigers into Syria. They too work with the Siberian Tigers and their missions.

    It's a good chance to China to show their capabilities to the world, While most of the western military analysts founds flaws in each and every military hardware's. from their QBZ reverse engineered assault rifle to their modern Military Tanks too.

    There is some reports also circulated in the internet and media that Chinese Navy already dispatched the Liaoning carrier strike group to Mediterranean for possible air support to the Chinese troops deployed in Syria. The source is yet to be confirmed, From early October same kind of news appearing in the media and Internet. However still there is no clear information's about the carrier deployment.

    China remains one of the good ally to Syria, and committed to provide more than $30 billion for post war reconstruction in Syria. China is believed behind the Russian air campaign who provide economic assist to Russia.

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