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Join Indian Army

Join Indian Army as a Soldier as a Officer

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Permanent Commission   


         Recruitment of Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces is mainly through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) under Permanent Commission. For Technical Branches, Women special entry scheme and NCC special entry scheme and service, recruitment is made directly through the respective Recruiting Directorates for the Army under Short Service Commission.

The permanent commission provides opportunities for men with 10+2 /Intermediate, graduates and engineering graduates as officers.

10+2 (Through NDA)

    One has to take an entry level exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to join NDA (National Defence Academy). This exam is conducted twice a year in all major cities throughout India. It is restricted to boys between the ages of 16 1/2 and 19. The months of commencement of the course each year is January and July. Applications are to be sent in response to the advertisement which will be published in leading newspapers during March /April. NDA exam conducted by UPSC is based on the CBSE syllabus. Those who clear the written exam go through a five-day interview process with the State Selection Board. On completion of the NDA course, candidates are sent to the respective service academies for their pre- commission training. The IMA (Indian Military Academy) trains Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) for commission into the Army. More details of NDA exam.

Graduates (Direct Entry)

         The UPSC holds an all-India competitive examination, known as the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE), twice a year for University graduates or equivalent. Successful candidates can join Indian Military Academy for their pre- commission training after the interview conducted by the Service Selection Board and if finally selected, depending on their merit list ranking, are sent to Indian Military Academy. Candidate should be in the age of 19-24. The course commences each year in the month of January and July. Interested candidates can apply in response to advertisement in March /April & Oct. Nov. To know the eligibility, selection, application and Syllabus of the CDSE exam in detail,

Engineering Graduates (Direct Entry)


      An Engineering graduate can join the Indian Military Academy directly. They only need to attend the Service Selection Board interview. Age at the time of joining should be between 20-27 years. The course commences every year in the month of January and July. One can apply directly to Addl. Directorate General of Recruiting (TGC), Army HQ, West Block III, RK Puram, New Delhi -110066 in response to advertisement published in March/April & Oct./Nov.

University Entry Scheme (UES) 


         Students who are in final and pre-final years of engineering degree course can also apply to Indian army as an officer. They are eligible for induction into technical branches/services of the army as commissioned officers under the University Entry Scheme. Age should be between 19-25 years for final year engineering students and 18-24 for pre-final year engineering students. Month of commencement of course in each year is July. Selection is Based on campus interview and Service Selection Board (SSB) interview. Applications should be sent in response to the advertisement published in July.

10+2 PCM (Tech)


         There is an another option for 10+2 PCM (Tech) candidates through which one can enter directly to Indian Military Academy. Age limit falls between 161/2-191/2 years. Month of commencement of course in each year is January and July. One has to apply directly to the Recruitment Directorate in May and November.

Other recruitments


       Government has approved the creation of a 6,000 strong Support Cadre of Special Commissioned Officers. These posts will be filled up by eligible Junior Commisioned Officers (JCO) and OR. Under this entry, serving JCOS/NCOs/OR in age group of 30-35 years, with an Army Senior School Certificate Pass (Class XI CBSE Pattern) Qualification, will be eligible for commission after screening /selection through Service Selection Board and Medical Board. They will undergo a pre-commission training of one year duration. The officers so commissioned will earn promotion up to the rank of Colonel. The rules for substantive promotion and acting promotion will be the same as for regular officers. These officers will be employed in units as sub unit Cadres/ QM JOb/ERE appointment etc. up to the rank of Major. They will retire at the age of 57 years after serving about 20-25 years as officers.

         Medical graduates from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune are directly inducted as permanent Commissioned Medical officers in the Armed Forces. For recruitment of Regular Commissioned /Short Service Commissioned Medical Officers from the graduates /Post graduates of Civil Medical Colleges, the Director General of the Armed forces Medical services conducts an all India competitive exam.

Short Service Commission


       Indian army has an alternative career, called short service commission which gives an option of joining in the Indian Army and serving as a Commissioned officer for 5 years. The short-service commission is for those who are not certain about committing to a permanent position in the forces. At the end of the period, you are allowed to opt for a permanent commission. Alternatively you can also choose for another 5 years and also can choose to resign from your post at any time during this period. The short-service commission is also open to women.

Officers Training Academy 


         Short Service Commission facilitates recruitment of qualified technical graduates through the SSBs, to attend the Officers training Academy (OTA), Chennai, after medical tests, for a ten month course. Candidate should be in the age group of 19-24. The course commences each year in the month of May and Oct/Nov. Interested candidates should apply in response to advertisement published in March /April and Oct. /Nov. On completion of training, the successful candidates are inducted as Short Service Commissioned Officers in the technical branches of the army.

Women's Special Entry Scheme


       Women recruits are usually taken into the support services, with a large number serving as medical officers and nurses. The WSES for officers offers non-technical, technical and specialist entry for unmarried females or issueless widow or divorcee candidates not below 19 years and above 27 years and having B A, B Com, BCA, B Sc in physics, chemistry and maths with a minimum aggregate of 60 per cent and above marks. Moreover, students with 50 per cent marks and holders of NCC `C' certificates with `B' or higher grade can also apply in this category.

                      For Technical Entry BE, B Tech or equivalent or a higher qualification in civil or electrical or mechanical or electronics engineering, computer science, telecommunications engineering and architecture is needed. Specialist entry is for those with 50 per cent marks in:

  1. Graduate B Sc with a minimum one-year diploma in computer science
  2. Graduate with a minimum one-year diploma in communication or journalism or public relations or  psychology
  3. B E in remote sensing
  4. P G degree in earth science/ computer science/ English/ geography/ maths/ physics/ computer applications/ botany/ zoology/ biochemistry/ organic chemistry or statistics

               Month of commencement of course in each year is March and September. Selection is based on written exam and SSB Interview and medical examination. Candidates should apply directly in response to advertisement in June/December. Women officers receive training at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

          In women special entry scheme, the initial contractual period is five years but in case any candidate is found unfit or unsuitable within first six months, her commission can be terminated any time before the expiry of the five year period. The scheme further provides that all the lady Officers granted commission under this scheme would serve the Indian Army for a period of five years from the date of grant of Commission subject to fulfillment of other conditions. In addition, the lady officers carry reserve liability to serve the Indian Army for a period of five years plus two years on voluntary basis, or upto 37 years of age, whichever is earlier. It means that after their release, the lady Officers remain on reserve for five years and can be recalled for duty during this period in case of emergencies. This period could be extended by two more years if the Officer so desires or upto 37 years of age, whichever is earlier. WSES(O), however, does not have any provision for permanent commission, although this matter is said to be under consideration of the Government of India. Lady Officers in the two entries other than WSES(O), like AMC, ADC, etc, however, have the provision for permanent commission.

The advertisement for recruitment of lady Officers under the WSES(O) appears from time to time as per requirement, normally twice every year in most of the national and important regional newspapers. The candidates are required to apply to the Additional Directorate General of Recruiting (Women Entry Section), West Block-III, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110066. Short-listing of eligible candidates is done at the Additional Directorate level and the short-listed candidates are then required to appear before the Service Selection Board (SSB). The selected candidates are then required to undergo a medical examination which is usually done by a special Medical Board at the nearest Military Hospital. The broad indications of medical standards are that the height and weight should not be less than 36 kgs and 142 cms respectively for women candidates. Corrected distance vision should be at least 6/6 for better eye and 6/18 for the worse eye and Myopia of not more than minus 5.5 D

NCC Special Entry Scheme


     Unmarried male graduates from a recognised university with a total of 50 per cent marks and above and between 19 and 25 years of age who have obtained a minimum of `B' Grade in NCC `C' Certificate may apply for Short Service Commission. These graduates are exempted from appearing in the CDSE conducted by the UPSC and are selected through the Service Selection Boards in Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. The course commences in May each year. Candidate should be in 19-25 years. Apply directly and the initial short listing of applications will be done at Additional directorate General recruiting, Army Headquarters. Candidates short listed will be called for SSB interview by Additional directorate General of Recruiting. Candidates recommended by the Service Selection Board will undergo medical examination by a board of service medical Board.

Short Service Commission Technical


        Short Service commission (Technical) giving opportunities to unmarried Male engineering graduates. Educational qualification of the candidate should be a degree in Engineering or equivalent degree from a recognised University in Civil /Electrical/ Mechanical/ Tele- Communication/ Electrical & Electronics/ Computer Science/ Engineering/ Technology/ Architect/ Industrial/ Production (c). Candidates who are yet to pass the Technical Degree examination can also apply but they will be required to submit proof of passing the Degree/Provisional Degree certificate to Recruiting Directorate (TGC Entry), West Block-III, RK Puram, New Delhi-110 066. Age limit is 20-27 years.

        The selection process includes initial screening and the short-listing of applicants will be done at the Recruiting Directorate of the Army headquarters. Those short-listed will be required to appear before the Service Selection Board (SSB) where they will have to undergo group test, psychological test and interview. Candidates who qualify at the SSB and are found medically fit by a Medical Board will be placed in the order of merit. The final selection will be made in that order up to the number of vacancies available at that time. Selected candidates for Short Service Commission (Technical) will be sent to the Officers' Training Academy, Chennai. The training last for 49 weeks at government expense.

        Officers will be required to serve for five years and may be considered for grant of permanent commission thereafter as per existing rules.

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