Sunday, January 3, 2016

AFB Pathankot Attack, 10 Indian Armed Forces Martyred

AFB Pathankot Attack, 10 Indian Armed Forces Martyred 

    Even after the intelligence information about the possible attack on the Pathankot Air force base. The security personnel's failed to decrease the casualty numbers. The alarm raised when a District Police SP's car kidnapped in gun point, Which was later used for the attack. Even after twenty four hours, The Forces yet to identify the possible fifth attacker. this shows the Terrorists have full idea about the base's security and other operation methods. 

   So far Indian Armed forces lost ten soldiers in the attack, Where three terrorist killed by the Armed forces, fourth one is a suicide bomber, and the fifth one yet to be identified, Reports from the hot zone said the gun firing still going on. 

    The base guarded by DSC- Defense Security Corps. The DSC Provides security to Defense ministry sites, Such as Air force bases, Radar sites and key military installations. DSC is also a branch from Indian Army. 

    In this attack six of the DSC personnel lost their lives, Most of them in duty of the front gate. The terrorists also killed two IAF personnel who were on duty of base security. The Terrorists successfully penetrate the front gate and move towards the main building prior to enter the Airbase and Hangers. 

     The IAF also lost two of it's elite counter terrorism units known as IAF Garuds. they were later called in for additional deployment to secure the airbase. The Soldiers successfully stopped the terrorists before entering the Runway and Hangers

   Analysts confirms this is a failed operation, Since the intelligence warned about possible attacks, with the inputs, IAF also beefed up security in the air force base. Even though the casualty from our side is too high. The government yet to provide clear information about the casualty figures.  

    Earlier the intelligence arrested a Ex service man who allegedly made connections with ISI and transferred key information about the air force bases close to Pakistan. This attack also looks like more ISI operatives may present in the armed forces. Who need to be kicked very quickly to safe guard our Installations. 

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