Monday, January 25, 2016

India unveils home made COMJAM & EW System

India unveils home made COMJAM & EW System

    Indian Army unveiled the improved communication jammer and electronic warfare system on the Republic day parade rehearsal, The future battle relies on soft kill and effective jamming techniques. Nations like Russia Israel and US invested huge amount of money to research on ground based jamming system, to effectively counter guided munitions and communication frequency.

     It's back in 2005, Team of DRDO, BEL and Army's signal corps jointly developed a communication jammer known as Samyukta, Samyukta is designed to perform multiple jamming, such as wide range of communication frequencies, Electromagnet spectrum used in communication and illumination, The system also capable of handling electronic intelligence and communication intelligence.

    The Samyukta has less range compared to it's other counterparts, The range of  Samyukta is some 150x70 square kilometers. The Samyukta also act as a direction finder too, by intercepting source of the signal location too. The classic performance of Samyukta is jamming all kind of radio frequencies from High Frequency to milli meter wave frequencies, So Samyukta can jam radar frequencies too.

    Jamming the electromagnetic spectrum gives an upper edge to the System,  Samyukta will jam enemy surveillance signals, voice and radar frequencies, while ensuring its own signals are not jammed by the enemy. The appearance of such system always maintained as high level secrecy due to the importance of the system. The system act as a heart of future battle's.

    Compared to the Samyukta, The newly unveiled integrated communication electronic warfare system seems more powerful with set of two vehicles or more, comprising antenna's and small dish antenna's. the new system also capable to jam frequencies over 10,000 square kilometers of area.

    Indian Army already deployed those system in J&K to effectively counter the signals which can be used by militants, Such as jamming the wireless phones, satellite phones, and radio receivers. However they too jam the mobile communication if the threat level increased.

     Soft kill is the technique which can be used to disrupt the electronic circuits in the guided munitions, Smart bombs who having pin point accuracy relies on either laser guidance or the satellite guidance, The laser can be countered easily by the smoke dispensers, However jamming the satellite or GPS guided munitions is bit harder, So GPS can be jammed by jamming the dedicated frequency only.

    More over most of the long range missile uses the GPS and INS guidance system for long range strike missions, If the GPS/INS guidance jammed in terminal phase the missile will strike the false target, The main reason why many nations invested huge amount of R&D in such jammers.

     Another is the communication jammer, This jammers specially used for suppress the frequency, most of the wireless and satellite communications works on VHF or UHF frequency, Jamming the mentioned frequency can disable communication between the deployed troops and Command center.

    Russians are the best example who uses the ground based jammers. In Ukarine they installed huge antenna array's which can act as communication jammers.  The R-330ZH Zhitel installed in Mariupol, Ukraine can jam mobile, and satellite phones within some 5000 square kilometers,

    Also another EW system Karkusha deployed in Syria to safe guard Russian air base from US and NATO intelligence missions, Mostly within the operating zone of those jammers, no one can send or receive anything from others using normal mobile comm or Satellite communication.

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