Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Syrian Battleground, Russian Marines and American A 10 Deployed

Syrian Battleground, Russian Marines and American A 10 Deployed

    The Syrian battleground sees two major world power competing to hold military balance in war torn Syrian Iraqi territories. Even after the Russian close air support Syrian Iranian troops and Hezbollah terrorists failed to capture grounds controlled by Free Syrian army sponsored by KSA and west. On the other side US continuing help the Kurdish forces to fight against ISIS in northern Syria close to Turkey. Turkey is an NATO Member requested help from NATO to safe guard their air space from air space violations from Syria.

    Russia currently deploying some three thousands of Marine units and special forces in Syria. Most of them are Special forces and FSB comes from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Those Special forces performed espionage missions inside Ukraine and seized major cities like Luhansk and Donestk. Those Cities are now under control of Russian sponsored Militia's. Russia plans to move those special forces to conduct scout missions inside Syria to pave the way to Syrian Army to achieve the objective. Some photos in social media found that Russian special forces already operating inside Syrian Battle grounds.

    Spotters across middle east found continuous Russian deployment in Syria which include Russian Marines and other equipment's. Russia already has some two thousand plus troops inside Syria for many activities. They assist Syrian ground forces in the grounds, assisting command planning and conduct offensive missions, logistics supports like mechanics and ground support and many more. Even most of the Syrian Fighters jets are serviced by Russian ground crews.

    Russian forces also deployed air defense systems like communication denied systems to protect the air space by jamming fighter jets communication. Russia also deployed Pantsir S1 quick reaction SAM's to protect the Syrian air space from NATO and Israeli aircraft's. Even with the dense air denial environment Israel successfully performed two combat sorties and destroyed several Hezbullah convoy's inside Syria.

 On the other side, In Northern Syria US supporting the Kurd forces to battle against ISIS in Manbij and Jerablus. At first US deployed six F 16 C fighters in Turkey to safe guard their air space which was replace by twelve A 10 and six F 15 C. The Eagle's will provide cover and conduct combat air patrol missions close to Syrian air space. while the A 10 helps the Kurd forces to fight against the ISIS.

    US also plans to deploy another batch of A 10 warthog's in Iraq to support the YPG forces to retake the Sinjar provenance from ISIS control. US currently assisting the Sinjar offensive using their F 16's operated from Iraqi air fields. The Kurd forces planning to retake the Sinjar before the winter starts. The offensive almost stalled since there is no political cooperation between Yazedi's and Kurd's. Kurd forces allied with Yazedi's controls 20% of Sinjar as of now.

     Days ago US and Kurd forces conducted a special operation mission to retake key position in Al hawa close to Iraqi borders. The US Air force provided good small arms weaponry to the Kurds before starting the offensive. The ground support includes new set of mortar's Rifles and Rocket launchers. US also provided communication systems to coordinate US Strike package to hits the correct target.

     Three A 10 and one AC 130 gun ship roared over Syrian Air space and provided close air support. The mission lasted for more than hours. US continuously strafed the ISIS positions using GAU Avenger cannon and AC 130's howitzers. The mission successfully pushed the ISIS from Al hawa. and The Kurd forces retakes the city entrance and erects defensive positions.

   Jordon also concerned about ISIS build up in Al Tanf close to Jordon borders, and asks Israeli and US reconnaissance missions over Jordon Syrian border. earlier Israel provided some of the AH 1 Cobra helicopters to Jordon to keep the border's secure from Infiltration. US and Israel discussing about Jordanian request of surveillance mission over Al Tanf.   

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