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Who is leading in Syria even after the Russian Bombing

Who is leading in Syria even after the Russian Bombing

The known SAA - Cheering a small victory
    It's more than a month since Russian forces deployed it's forces inside Syria and launched air combat, Intelligence support and small special operations. However the Syrian Regime didn't get any good results even after the bigger campaign. The Syrian forces gets good support from Iran Russia and Hezbollah terrorists, where they can starts a major offensive near to Aleppo, a three front battle between ISIS vs FSA vs SAA. The battle starts more than 20 days ago still the ISIS hold it's grounds near Aleppo.

    Before the offensive, It's the Rebel forces who controlled the Aleppo suburbs and city center. The Rebel forces captured cities around Aleppo and they move towards Idlib and captured then they advances into Latakia Port. However the Syrian and Russian forces has only hope of using the port as a Military resupply pump. Once the Rebels tries to advances close to the Latakia port. The Russian fighter jets and special forces driven out the Rebels and pushed back from Latakia a successful operation lead by Russian Infantry.

    The Syrians main objective is to capture the Western Syria from the rebel forces, then only they can drive out the Rebels to engage the ISIS in eastern side cities like Palmyra and Al Raqqa. The Russians tried as much as possible to provide air cover to the Syrian regime forces, however they didn't perform much better. Since the Rebels has good equipment's supplied by Saudi's and West.

    The Rebel forces shown their best to defeat the Syrian regime and the ISIS. The Syrian rebels also have good strategy of special operation missions. Team of Rebel anti tank crew destroyed more than hundred Syrian armor, which include BMP personnel carrier and T 72 main battle tanks. Usage of the anti tank missile increased from less than fifty to more than one fifty within a month. The Rebel forces also enraging a assassination mission by killing key military commanders in the conflict zone.

    The Saudi's are the major arms supplier to the Syrian Rebel forces, KSA Supplied most of the US made TOW anti tank missiles to the Syrian Rebels. The Saudi's para dropping those weapons close to the Syrian border near Turkey, later it was transported through ground vehicles before reach to the Rebels hands. The Syrian rebels using US made Tow missile, Russian made Konkrus and Fagot missiles and the French milan's. Those are all second generation missiles need a crew keep guiding the missile till it hits the Target.

    Meanwhile The US forces contentiously dominating the Iraqi forces and brings number of good victories along with the Iranian, Kurdistan and Iraqi forces support. The Americans and west clearly co ordinate the ground forces and gives good air support, which liberated most of the ISIS stronghold in Iraq. However major cities like Fallujah and Mosul still under the ISIS control.

Pakistani produced HJ 8 Anti tank missile
   Weeks ago, US Army's Delta Special forces along with Kurdistan special forces launched a surprise attack deep inside the ISIS heart center of Sinjar mountain valley. The special operation ends by killing more than fifty ISIS terrorists and rescuing more than seventy Kurdish, Yazedi and Iraqi civilians. During the battle  US Army's delta force special operator Master Sgt. Joshua killed during the daring rescue operation. Joshua is the first US Soldier who killed by the ISIS.

    Within next two to three days ISIS surprised the US and Iraqi forces by airing a new video killing civilians close to the earlier targeted building. This forced the Americans Kurdistan and Iraqi forces to fix the next target as Sinjar. 24 hours ago Kurdistan and Iraqi soldiers lead by US special forces and US Air force start a major offensive operation to driven out the ISIS from Sinjar. The Biggest battle is currently ongoing in Sinjar which is same like the Tikrit offensive lead US collation Forces

    Days ago, President of the United States announced deploying special forces inside Syria close to Kurdistan and Iraq, to carry out Special mission deep inside ISIS stronghold to give continuous shock. This allows the US forces to gather more intells about the ISIS advance moves by hitting their nerve center. The US Special forces also support the Kurdistan forces to carryout counter assault mission against ISIS. Reports also reveals that US may support Syrian rebels too. However sources clearly mentioned they will assist the Kurd forces only.

Israeli F 16 Fighters
 The Middle east surprise man Israel also carried out a air strike just outside from Syrian capital Damascus. The Strike carried out by Israeli air force by destroying Hezbollah bound SCUD missiles. The missiles are in convoy's transported by the Hezbullah terrorists. As Israel earlier stated that "we won't involve any mess inside Syria or Iraq, If any one who threatens Israel, will be neutralized" . The Hezbollah's main objective is attack Israel and killing Jews, Since the start of Syrian civil war Israeli's bombed many times inside Syria by stopping advanced weaponry in hands of Hezbullah.

     These all shows a good lesson that Syria is free for every one, that any one can attack their enemies, The Shia controlled Syrian regime have only hope of Russians and Iranian forces for their survival. While the battle will continue for long time.  

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