Thursday, October 8, 2015

Navy plans four more Scorpene Submarine

Navy plans four more Scorpene Submarine

    Indian Navy plans to increase the Scorpene submarine orders. as Navy satisfied it's performance during the sea trails, also Magazon dock has the technology, Navy plans to increase the Scorpene orders to ten. as first under Project 75, Navy shortlist French firm DCNS to collaborate with Mumbai based MDL to build six Scorpene submarine with complete transfer of technology. Navy also wants the last two submarines should be modified to carry DRDO developed Fuel cell based AIP- Air independent propulsion, to increase the sub merged performance.

    After five year of delay, the New Government fast tracks the Scorpene building and launched the first submarine named INS Kalvari this year. INS Kalvari due to complete all of the proposed sea trails, harbor acceptance trails and weapon firing trails before entering into the Navy. Indian Navy operates vintage German designed HDW class submarines and Russian made Kilo class submarines, all of the Submarines are inadequate to perform underwater missions.

    As Magazon dock has the Technology of building the scorpene class submarine. Navy plans to order additional four submarines, to meet the Indian Navy’s critical requirement of underwater capability. the initial order of first six submarine will be completed by 2020. later India plans to float another tender to acquire additional six submarine under Project P 75 I, which includes vertical launching Brahmos missile and Marine delivery vehicles. the P 75 I is also comes under make in India plan same like the earlier P 75 scorpene Project.

    Indian Navy operates nine Kilo class submarines, most of them built in early 1990's. and another four HDW Class submarines, they too built in early 1986 to 1994, Navy leased a Nuclear attack boat from Russia the Akula class submarine, and operates another Nuclear test vehicle INS Arihant. as INS charka is the only submarine which can perform long range missions, and able to safe guard Navy's carrier battle group. Indian Navy also plans to lease another Russian Attack boat however the plan still on tables.

     As all of the other Scorpene class submarine comes with AIP propulsion. which increases the sub merged performance of the Submarine compared to normal diesel electric system. however Navy keeps out the AIP in the first four Scorpene Submarines. without providing any information about the modification. also Navy plans to modify the last two submarines with DRDO developed fuel cell based AIP, which is more advanced and gives more endurance than the normal AIP. also Navy says follow on order of four more scorpene incorporates the same DRDO AIP propulsion systems. AIP allows conventional submarines to remain submerged for long periods without having to surface to recharge their batteries. Scorpene boats can remain submerged for as long as 50 days, at depths of up to 300 meters,

    The Scorpene, comes with six Torpedo tubes, which can fire wire guided Torpedo's, deploying mines, and able to fire exocet SM 39 Anti shipping missiles. one of the special features in the Scorpene. thus allows the Scorpene to perform long range anti shipping roles. India modified one of the last kilo class submarine which can fire such long range anti shipping missiles, the last Kilo class submarine INS Sindhurashtra can fire Klub anti shipping cruise missile through it's torpedo tubes, who's range is more than 200 kilometers.

    Navy plans the future P 75 I submarine should have multiple mission packages. as slated it can fire anti shipping cruise missiles through it's torpedo tubes or VLS cells, fire Brahmos land attack cruise missile through eight cell VLS system. and can also comes with the marine delivery vehicle, which can deploy Navy's elite Marcos close to enemy shores. Russian Amur class submarine, Japanese Soryu and French SMX ocean bidding for the Tender, the tender yet to released. 

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