Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Russia pulls out from Syria

Russia pulls out from Syria

Russia announced last day, that the Russian forces and fighter jets deployed in war-torn Syria, will start pull out's from today. The decision made up by President Putin after considering with the Syrian dictator Assad. Russia deployed its fighter jets, missile systems, and special forces into Syria to safeguard the Assad regime from the west sponsored Syrian Sunni rebels.

After five months of intensive war fighting in Syria, Russia almost saved the Syrian dictator from the country's militia man. In early September the west sponsored Syrian rebels gathered major victory against the Syrian regime and move towards major port city Latakia and the Capital Damascus. with the tactical air deployment of Russian air force and Navy helped the Syrian regime to pull back the rebels from strategic locations.

Putin said in an interview that, Withdrawing from the Syrian theater will encourage both parties to accept a truce and this leads to a mutual understanding to cooperate peace process and continue to maintain the ceasefire.

Russia is not withdrawing from Syria completely, while they slowing down the operation,  Syrian sources confirmed that air defense systems like S 400, and Pantsir along with some modern fighter jets which include Su 30 SM and Su 35, and ground support systems like BTR infantry fighting vehicle and T 90 main battle tank will remain stays in Syria.

Sanction put on Syria since the civil war erupted in 2011 that selling such long range weapon systems, missiles, and fighter jets are banned by the international organizations. Leaving those modern weapons in Syria would breach the sanctions. However, Russia and Syria won't care about them.

The peace talks after the ceasefire agreement between the Syrian rebels vs Assad forces and his allies start effectively from February 27 this year. Even during the ceasefire, heavy clashes reported by two sides, the rebels also managed to shoot down a Syrian MiG 21 fighter jet on Monday.

There is many doubts raise that, recent developments in the Syrian theater, that gulf states start arming the rebels with anti-aircraft systems, who poses serious threats to the Syrian and Russian military wings. No civil flights allowed flying over Syria and Iraq since the start of Syrian civil war in early 2011.

Putin said that he has evidence of gulf states include Qatar and KSA sending lethal anti-aircraft systems to Syrian rebels through Turkey border.  this would pose a serious threat to the military jets flown by both Russia and Syria. So far rebels have no MANPAD's. otherwise, West and America keep the MANPAD's only in safe hands. There is no spotting of American Stinger or any other west Man pads found in Syria.

Putin also said, Turkey almost masses their forces close to Syrian border, that they will start a ground offensive in coming days. However Turkey already using the artillery's to bombard Syrian regime, ISIS and PKK positions close to the Turkey border. The US forces along with NATO almost finished construction of a military base close to the Iraq-Syria-Turkey border.

In another angle, Putin's withdrawal from Syria indicates, Russia also wants a political solution in Syria, the only option to end the civil war. Putin's this move may threaten to end Assad's dictatorship in Syria. If Russia withdraws from Syria, it would be a major setback to the Syrian regime.

The Russian lost very few in this war, that's less than ten Russian military and civilian contractors. and a Su 24 who was shot downed by Turkish air force. The Russians never entered in the battle by its foot. They used cruise missiles and bombs to stop the Syrian rebels forces.

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