Friday, March 25, 2016

Pakistani claim of RAW agent Capture

Pakistan claimed RAW agent arrest

   Pakistani sources claimed that a man was arrested last day in Baluchistan is an Indian agent, who working on clandestine operation against the Pakistani forces in occupied Baluchistan. Indian side confirmed that he was an Ex Naval officer who was on premature retirement, But never said anything about his involvement in Indian premier intelligence agency RAW. 

Pakistan get a chance to cry on the international media, about Indian activity in occupied Baluchistan, that India working on clandestine operation against Pakistan to liberate Baluchistan from Pakistan. Pakistani officials reported in the media, the suspected Indian arrested in southern Baluchistan, where Pakistani army carrying out genocide operation against it's own Peoples in the name of killing terrorists.

As a neutral point of view, that anyone can easily claim, if a foreign national captured inside a conflict zone, his identity in armed forces is also a strong evidence that he is doing sabotage operations against the enemy. Here also the Indian naval officer trapped, and caught inside the conflict zone.

One more, when agents doing works inside enemy territory they usually carries multiple passports and identity cards. Also he had no fire arms and other equipment, Usually agents are highly trained to escape in any tough scenario's, so they must have a pistol or an knife, Pakistan failed to show any proof of fire arms or any weapons from the officers pocket.

Pakistan crying since years, that Indian and Afghan intelligence working closely to carryout clandestine operation against the Pakistan army, They also assisting the militia group named Balouch Republic army. However they have no proper evidences to claim their words. This is the only option to cover their faces.

India formally replied to the Pakistani claiming of arresting the Navy officer, The said individual has no link with government since his premature retirement from Indian Navy. We have sought consular access to him. India has no interest in interfering in internal matters of any country and firmly believes that a stable and peaceful Pakistan is in the interest of all in the region," the Ministry of External Affairs said.

Sources confirmed that, The officer's surname is Mr.Yadav who is a ex commander of Indian Navy. He get premature retirement from the Navy, and he has no more connection to the government works. 

Pakistani media claimed that the alleged Indian officer moved to Islam-a-bad for further investigation, they also claimed they recovered some maps of strategic zones in Pakistan. 

Some other propaganda peoples works on full swing to claim that he is an Indian Agent, the Agent worked under the code name of Hussein Mubarak Patel, the name also in the Passport says Hussein, who is deployed in Iranian Chabar port, that India currently working on to establish a major Port for economics. 

They also reported that the officer was showing his identity as a Indian and having the Iranian visa stamp, that he might infiltrate into Pakistan from Iranian border. however it's not confirmed so far by the officials. 

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