Sunday, February 7, 2016

Saudi Planning for a ground invasion in Syria

Saudi Planning for a ground invasion in Syria

     After eight years of civil war in Syria, both Sunni's and Shia's trying to capture the Syrian chair with the help of Russia and America respectively. Saudi is on the other side making some good decision like they lead the gulf contingent into Yemen to stop the Shia militants advancing towards Capital. The issue in Yemen is the Saudi's treat Yemen like how India treating Nepal and Bhutan. However the Iranian backed Shia militants tried to sabotage the Yemeni- Saudi relationship.

    Saudi spending more than $80 billions per year for defense. The amount is 20% higher than Indian defense budget. The Saudi's also be part of the global war against terrorism who conducting air strikes against ISIS in Iraq. and leading the GCC contingent in Yemen.

   The Syrian ISIS positions are pounded by US, French, German and England Air force fighter jets. While special forces from US,UK, Turkey and Netherlands also conducting special operations inside Syria. Meanwhile the Russian Air strike and ground troops targets only the Syrian rebels, who's main objective is topple the Assad family's dictation in Syria. Nearly 20% of Russian Turkish air force are attacking ISIS positions in Syria.

   Iran is the first country who deployed ground forces into Syria and Iraq to crush the ISIS. Iran who is a main rivalry of  USA, acted together with US air force during many offensive operations inside Iraq and Syria. Russia on the other side joining with the Syrian army to conduct offensive operations against rebel controlled lands inside Syria.

    The Saudi's announcement comes after a failed Geneva talks between Syrian Rebels and Syrian government members last week. The Rebels asked the Russians and Syrian troops to stop bombing in Aleppo. The city who hosts more than millions of Syrian lives. Due to the Russian strikes many Syrians massing up near the Turkish border and asking asylum.

    Madaya is another city hosting half a million Syrians who came from all over Syria. The city was besieged by Russian Iranian backed terrorists Hezbullah. after heavy pressure from International community the Hezbullah terrorists allowed the UN led Red cross and other NGO's truck carrying medicine and food for the starving Syrian civilians.

    There is a master plan currently in construction between Turkey, USA, France and KSA include some other GCC nations, they planning for a controlled ground offensive in Syria from two sides.  The KSA led GCC troops plans to enter Syria by South side. meanwhile the US, France and some other EU nations comes via Iraq Syria borders. and the Turkish led forces comes from top side.

    The initial plan is to annihilate the ISIS, however analysts confirms the Force may also focus the Syrian capital Damascus and port city Latakia. However this will not happens in just a year. The offensive against ISIS alone takes more than two years. So Assad gets another two years to rule Syria.

    The International community once tried to mark a safe zone in Syria to safe guard Syrian Civilians with UN led Medical and food supplies. The possible No fly zone or the safe zone agenda was Veto-ed by Russia in UN. which makes more than hundred thousands of civilians lives in the past couple of years.

   Bahrain also ready to send their ground troops and air assets into Syria to fight against ISIS. Bahrain also said they were ready to be a part of the multi national ground operations against ISIS. It's also reported as many as GCC nations too join the multi national alliance against ISIS.

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