Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Doval drops bombshell, Says Army not ready for war

Doval drops bombshell, Says Army not ready for war

   National security adviser Ajit doval once again slammed the army's war preparedness level and indirectly accused the government to not allow the soldiers to carry out offensive operations along the Indo Pakistani border and occupied Kashmir. Doval said about Indian army's war preparedness level also decreased due to poor planning of Soldier deployment.

   Doval directly accused Pakistan, that they sending their soldiers as Jihadi's to test Indian Army's capability and weakness zone and create instability along the border, making the long line of border inaccessible for both nation. which derail economics and security. Pakistan doing the same for the past fifteen years, yet India didn't responded. This almost a successful mission for Pakistani's to continuously irritating India by posing as strong army.

    After Kargil, India deployed more than a division of Soldiers close to the India Pakistani border every year. Doval questioned, had the Pakistani's stopped infiltrating our border. After 26/11 Navy and Coast guard increased patrol duties, however the Navy's operating procedure stopped the infiltration, However that's not completely stopped.

    After the Ceasefire announcement by both side in late 2003, India and Pakistan moved the long range artillery's from the border. while they carried another option by sending more than thousand of jihadi's every year into India. This makes Kashmir and other border area's are remain security concerned area. 

     Doval accused the Army and Government who poorly adopted a decision by fencing the line of control. Doval slammed both military and political leaders, this makes our Soldiers become watchman not a true war fighter. He also pointed a example of fencing, "In WW2 the French build defensive fortification like bunkers, towers and fences along the eastern border to stop German's Nazi army, The results are known to everyone, The Hitler's troops easily outflanked the defensive position"

    Doval said the fencing idea comes from BSF, who first fenced the Punjab Rajastan borders and Bangladeshi border to stop illegal drug trafficking. However they failed to stop it. The army too adopted the same cheap and low maintenance solution. Pakistan continuously repeating the proxy war using the red line as fences, without fearing Indian escalation.

    Doval hinted some idea's, that government should allow and train the JK Police and other paramilitary soldiers to conduct counter terrorism operation. rather than sending army and special forces unit. The Army and special forces must be used to conduct cross border raids and special operations missions deep behind enemy lines. This makes some fear to Pakistan to slow down further sending Jihadi's into India.

     Doval also said, currently 40% of the Indian army in Kashmir handle only counter insurgency operations, and they will be routinely replaced by another 40%. This makes the Indian Army becomes best in CI operations not in war fighting. Those soldiers in Army doing CI ops and carry's more medals and promoted into Chief's later. This makes the army become para military not a true army to conduct offensive and defensive warfare.

     The point is clear that all the General's who serving in Indian Army has been participated in 1971 war. They will be retired very soon. the later one have no experience in warfare, but only in counter terrorism. the war planning and controlling the captured territory is different than the normal CT ops.

    Doval also concerned about the army defense spending, He says only 40% of the allocated fund used in the Army, while 60% spend for salaries. this is not good for a country with such huge spending forwarded to pay and allowances. this shows more manpower costs and less defense spending.

    Doval also insist to cut down the troops number by 50% . Currently the Army has more than a million of manpower, reducing this by half a million by next five years makes huge changes in army with induction of new weapons and support system. with the above said points, Indian Army once again become a true warriors.

Short notes of the Seminar

1. Fencing the border is bad idea, stop maintaining the fences
2. use the Army to conduct cross border raids
3. use the Police and Para military to conduct CI/CT ops not the Army SF
4. Reduce the Soldier's strength by half a million

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