Sunday, February 28, 2016

China,Yes to Andaman, No to south china sea

China,Yes to Andaman, No to south china sea

China warns Indian Navy's plan of conducting joint patrols with US Navy in disputed south china sea. China said that, US-Indian joint patrol divides Asia into two. At the same time Indian Navy found a Chinese navy submarine tender ship prowling along the nicober Island, Possibility of supporting two or more Chinese Submarines near the region.

While China issue warning to India, do not come to South China sea, they repeatedly violating the Andaman Island chains, by sending naval frigates and nuclear submarines. last week Indian navy's coastal surveillance radar picked up a unknown military vessel, The ANC later found the vessel is the PLAN Submarine tender ship.

Submarine tender ships are assigned with submarines to conduct mission off from the friendly bases. The ship comes inside the Andaman command's area of responsible zone, Navy suggests the Submarine tender might accompanied by two or more Chinese submarines.

When talking to the press, Andaman nicober commander said, Navy keep an eye on the vessel and tracking it's course. This is not the first time Chinese ships sailing and coming close to the Andaman waters.

Admiral also said about the modernization program of the Andaman Island's. The modernization works already begun, once it finished Indian Navy will send ships to confront the Chinese vessel who infiltrate Indian waters. He also said about the recently deployed P 8I working better to identify the threats.

Recently the Indian defense minister spend days in US Pacific Command, sailed in the US super carrier along with US defense secretary Ashton Carter, This irked the Chinese, while India planning to expand the cooperation between the two Navy's. Parrikar also issued statements regarding South China sea jointly with US counterparts.

Later, Reports revealed that, India and US in talks to conduct a joint naval patrol close to the Chinese artificial Island, more than that both planning to conduct patrols within the territorial waters of the disputed Island. US is the only nation who conducted patrol within the territorial waters, China responded by sending fighter jets and naval frigates to confront the US move, However US didn't changed it's course.

Other Asian nations like Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia too conducted patrols outside the territorial waters which means sailed outside the 12nm of those artificial island. India too send a naval frigate in South China sea to show off against the Chinese illegal claims.   

Indian Navy last year openly suggests Asian nations and India must conduct freedom of navigation flight over the artificial island. US only heard the Indian Navy's option, few months later they flew P8 and B 52 bombers over the artificial island.

China capturing international waters by making artificial island's in the sea, later fortifies into a military fortress, thus allow china to control every flying and sailing ships close to the region. No one tries to stop China due to his military power override in South China sea.

This is the true face of Chinese, They continuously warning India about the South China sea, while repeatedly violating Indian waters in Andaman, and Indian Navy not have proper asserts to confront the Chinese Navy.

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