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Agni 4 Nuclear IRBM

Agni 4 Nuclear IRBM


   Agni 4 long range ballistic missile is the fourth missile from the Agni Family, designed to strike long range targets in deep behind enemy lines. Agni 4 is the longest missile operated by the Nuclear command, the range is calculated more than 4,000 kilometer. The Range is enough to strike anywhere inside China compared to other Agni series this one is so sleek. A redesigned missile from the earlier Agni 2 missile to strike long range targets.

   Agni 4 missile is a two stage solid propellant missile. which makes the missile ready to fire in very short of time. As per Indian Doctrine, if Intel's suggests that enemy planning for a Nuclear strike, SFC readies the missile before getting the launch order from Cabinet. Once SFC gets order from the Cabinet, they fire the missile within a second, the same protocols what France using it since decades. 

    Compared to other Agni Series which are being used by the Nuclear Command, the Agni 4 incorporates most modern technologies, which include the composite rocket motor for accelerated  propulsion and speed. The sleek design provide the missile to make small maneuvers during re entry, The Agni 4 missile is one of the most reliable missiles operated under the SFC.

    The missile relies on the improved Inertial Navigation system for guidance. Which is based on the DRDO designed Rig laser Gyro's for more better accuracy, and the Micro navigation system guides the missiles to follow designated navigation path. The  GPS is used for just a backup measure, since GPS is owned by Americans and GPS jammers can jam the missile navigation which leads to an failure makes the missile strike out of the Target.  The entire travel path tracked through the space based satellites and the Long range green pine radar.

    The Entire missile was designed by the DRDO scientists and some other Indian vendors. The missile's Physical structure comes from the BDL- Bharath Dynamics Limited, and some other Indian sub contracts also involved in manufacturing some mechanical parts of the missile.

     The Agni 4 missile can carry up to one ton of warhead. Launching a Long Range Ballistic missile known as preemptive Nuclear strike,there is no possibility of adding conventional warhead in Agni 4. So It could be armed with one ton of thermonuclear warhead. The Hiroshima nuke Bomb about less than 18 Kilo tons. 

     The US and Russia has a huge quantity of long range missile and Nuclear warheads, Example of an US Minutemen can carry ten W 87 Thermonuclear warheads each warhead yield upto some 450 kilotons, So one missile has the capability of delivering some 4500 kilotons of yield or 4.5 mega tons. China also have same powerful nuclear warheads like US and Russia.

    The Agni 4 can carry single nuclear warhead. While DRDO still developing or already developed a Agni 5 variant with multiple warheads and an anti satellite variant, the status of the missile is not available for Public. However the only deployed Long Range Nuclear missile is the Agni 4. Where long range missile Agni 5 can be tested some more times before getting inducted into the nuclear command.

    As first the developer DRDO test fired the Agni 4 missile by November 2011, followed by another test by next year both tests were successful and met the user Requirement, after inducted into the Nuclear Command, SFC carried it's first user test by January 2014. SFC happy about the test and accuracy of the missile.

   And Now once again Nuclear command brings the missile from it's inventory to test fire and validate it's Reliability. And Today's tests also successful.     

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