Thursday, September 24, 2015

Show off in South China Sea, India Joins with Pacific Nations and US

Show off in South China Sea, India Joins with Pacific Nations and US

    As China slowly making it's stance in south China sea, countries like Philippines and Vietnam shows it's restrain by conducting naval patrol close to Chinese artificial island in south China sea, that won't prevent the Chinese constructions, even the US tries some tricky maneuvers over the island, not only in south China sea, China already makes it's tough stance in Japanese Senkaku Diaoyu Island, and the known ADIZ zone in east China sea,and they continuing their advancement in far south China sea by claiming Spratly and Paracel Islands.

    China almost gained full power in South China sea, where they can defeat any foreign Navy's or Allied forces, if those countries didn't stop the Chinese advancement, then they could loose their tiny islands for no reason, and China fields his massive army nearby their door steps, Not only in south China sea, China slowly moving into Indian Ocean and almost managed to lease a Maldivian island, the Island named Atolls, initially China says that atoll island used only for tourism and research purpose and it's clear they can mass the forces in case of any possible skirmish with India or US Navy. the US has a base in Indian Ocean named Diego Garcia,also in Bay of Bengal China has a Island which was ceased from Myanmar, named Coco Island.

    So the point is, there is a need of Multi national alliance, which can stop Chinese aggressive maneuvers, The US is always poised to counter the Chinese advancement, however they didn't get enough support from nearby countries, before the Victim country tries to confront the Chinese advancement, US goes first and makes the issue as Headline, that was proven many times, flying it's advanced P8 A plane over the ADIZ, later only countries like Japanese and South Korean performed counter maneuvers,

    India never tries to enter such global events, however that's no more, the new government almost takes a side in the Global events, to counter react any Chinese aggressive movements, after satellite pictures appeared of Artificial island construction, India send a flotilla of warships to conduct friendly surveillance with Philippines Navy, later they went to Vietnam and continue their patrols with Vietnamese Navy, India's major interests in the South China sea is the Natural deposits inside the Vietnam waters, where ONGC signs a agreement to explore the deposits, earlier last year the Navy Chief Joshi sounds that, India can deploy it's Naval forces in South China sea to protect Indian interests, that's the first strong message sent to China in recent years,

    Recently, The Chinese Officials acknowledged the New Australian PM's comment about South China sea, Prime minister Malcolm said "China to ease off on island construction in the South China Sea if it wants a reduced US presence in the region". He also says "Australia enjoyed very good relations with China, but described Beijing's South China Sea foreign policy as counter-productive".  and China reacted as Australia should respect Chinese interest in South China sea,

    Also the US Senate Armed Service Committee, expressed that the Pacific command should increase surveillance flights over Chinese illegally claimed islands, they also said Preventing the Chinese from further militarizing those features a range of options including freedom of navigation exercises and US is  considering those options now.  Means in coming days, The US Could increases it's surveillance flights over illegal Chinese Islands, that makes small skirmishes in south china sea, 

   As India also showing it's increased interests in global politics, India and US almost drafting a plan to stop Chinese advancement in both South china sea and Indian Ocean, the alliance included Australia, Japan and South Korea, these countries can perform Scheduled exercise near those disputed waters, which gives benefits to all Pacific Nations and India.

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