Saturday, September 26, 2015

Russia Starts bombing ISIS positions in Syria

Russia Starts bombing ISIS positions in Syria

   As already expected, the Russians started bombing ISIS positions inside Syria, with the multinational bombing missions, this is the first time ISIS shows some heavy casualties since it's raise, Russia also planning to start special operations inside ISIS position with close air support, as recently satellite pictures shows Russia slowly massing their Air force fighters near Syrian Latakia port, the Port also host Russian naval outpost, before the Russian build up, ISIS and FSA almost comes close to Russian bases, when the emerging threat identified by the Russians, they first sent some special forces supported by infantry assault vehicles such as BMP 3 and BTR's, which is the first appearance of  Russian ground forces assaulting the Free Syrian army,

    As first the satellite pictures shows, four modern Su 30 SM fighters, which was delivered recently to the Russian Navy, as three of them configured as pure air interceptor and one is armed with variety of Electronic jamming payloads, which is reported by Italian think tank David, by analyzing the Airbus satellite pictures, the next day the fighters numbers increased with additional deployment of 12 new Su 25, the dedicated ground attack platform used by the Russian air force, the Su 25 is designed to counter American A 10 thunderbolt, the Su 25 comes with much number of hard points, which can drop bombs and unguided 60 mm High Explosive Rockets, which can destroy small hardened positions and temporary light bunkers,

    And the next day, the satellites found another set of 12 Su 24 Fencer long range Interceptor attackers, as earlier some Syrians managed to take photographs of one IL 78 Tanker air craft closely escorted by four Su 24, however the Syrians too using the same aircraft's, after seeing the satellite images western Analysts confirms those are the new Su 24 which is directly comes from Russia, thus makes the Syrian Arab Air force is much powerful air force that can capable to show maximum restrain against his enemies, the count brings 28 new fixed wing aircraft's.

  Not only with the Fixed wings, Russia also shipped more than dozens of Attack and Transport Helicopters, the Transport helicopters include Mi 17 and Mi 8, which can used to carry Russian troops close to the battlefield, and the arrival of new Mi 35 attack helicopters can provide low lever air cover to the ground forces,  those new Helicopters comes with defensive suites like ECM and Jamming capability with the addition of  DIRCM. which can spoof IR and radar guided missiles in close ranges,

   The above all Flying units, transported using the An 124 and IL 76 Cargo aircraft's, ADS-B based trackers like Flight Radar 24 and Plane finder websites, shows numerous air traffic activity from Russia to Syria via Iran, they also saw the Israeli Surveillance aircraft's activity, when new Russian Planes off loading the Cargo, The Israeli Spy planes well inside the Israeli air space but the side mounted L band radar in it's G 550 can give clear images of Russian activity,

    Before the tactical air force deployment, many defense watchers spotted Russian Landing ships activity near Syrian port Latakia, as per some open forces which was verified by the Russians, there were some 2000 Russian Marine troops supported by newer T 90 Tanks, BMP 3 and BTR infantry fighting Vehicles, along with long range Towed Artillery, those armors are already placed in defensive positions in Syrian Al assad Air base near latakia, as earlier Rebel forces comes close to the Base, Not only the Al assad air base, satellite images shows Russia speeding up construction of new Airbase near Latakia, which can be controlled by the Russians only, satellite pictures show the work already started and it could be finished with in ten or less days,

    When the Deployment starts, the Israeli PM due a visit to Russia to meet Russian President about the air assets deployment in Syria, as earlier Israel always gets a freedom of attack capability to  strike Syrian positions, earlier the Israeli forces struck and destroyed large cache of Russian delivered P 800 Oniks anti shipping missiles near to the Latakia Air base, the Syrian sounded anti Israeli slogans, where Russia keeps silence, not only that time, Israel attacked Syrian positions many times, most of the targets are Russian delivered weapons only, more over Israel will attack those weapon cache if they were bound to transfer Hezbullah Terror groups,

    with round of Talks, both Israeli PM and Russian President agreed to co ordinate the strike in Syria, also established a deputy military leaders hot line which can slow down close encounters with Russian and Israeli air crafts, the Israeli PM accompanied by the Israeli military chief too, they explained about the disputed Golan Heights and possible encounters with Syrian forces earlier, Israel also plans to assist Russian forces by giving target information and ground Intelligence to ease the Russian job in Syria.

    And after the deal reached, Russian Air force combined with Syrian Air force pounded ISIS stronghold in Syrian Palmyra, an ancient city recently captured by the ISIS, and they already destroyed the relics in Palmyra, and build defensive positions to hold the city under their control, the attacks were carried out by the Syrian bombers, however the tactical information provided by the Russians, spotters found numerous activity of Su 30 SM fighter before and after the offensive, and the reported death toll raised some 100 kills with many injured, and It's expected the Russian-Israeli-Syrian team will coordinate more attacks inside Syria to eliminate the ISIS, as a Surprise Americans closely watching the online social media about the ISIS activities and strike selected  targets, last day minutes after a ISIS leader posts something in Social media brings a F 18 armed with 250 kg High Explosive gift, resulted sudden dispatch,

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