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Know your Apache and Chinook

Know your Apache and Chinook

   After years long delay, Finally India signs the deal with US to buy 22 Apache Attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy lift Helicopters along with associated equipment's valued $3 billions, the deal was finalized early 2010 by Boeing and India, and Boeing keeps the same price for more than 13 times before signing the deal, so far the signing details not available for public release however the FMS - foreign Military sales document clearly says  Apache would be the AH 64 Block III variant that's the AH 64 E, the most modern helicopter in service with US forces, however no clear information available for which variant of CH 47 would be delivered, as per earlier suggestions in 2010, The CH 47 F would be acquired, and recent time US moved with much modern MH 47 G versions.

   There is no doubt that AH 64 is the most advanced attack helicopter ever developed, during the race with Russian Mi 28, Apache impressed the Indian officials with network centric capability, low flying capability and easy weapon handling, along with fire and forget anti armor missiles and 30mm chain gun impressed the IAF officials very much. the initial plan is to buy 22 apache helicopters followed by another 11 Helicopters in future, that's only for the air force, also Army too insisting the Ministry to buy a set of 39 Apache helicopters, however both follow on order and Army's requests put on hold as of now.

   Apache is an low observable helicopter, when it flies very low, no radar will see it, during the initial stage of attack in Iraq, Apache leads the role by destroying Iraqi early warning radar's, without being detected, It also performed numerous support missions all over Iraq and Afghan proved it's capabilities, most of the Helicopters won't carry fire control radar's, the AH 64 E carries a mast mounted milli meter wave fire control radar developed by the Northrup gruman, the Long bow radar can guide the Radar guided missile Hell fire to engage targets in fire and forget mode, which allows automatic target acquisition and engaging, the Long bow can track more than hundred targets within a minute, both moving and stationary targets, and ripple fire the Hell fire missiles, Apache can carry 16 Hell fire missiles,

   Apache also support the Ground troops using it's missiles and gun's. the Apache's optical systems allows engage hell fire missiles, if the target was lazed by the ground troops. means if Ground troops pinned down by enemy heavy resistance, they can light the enemy positions using the laser which was connected with Apache's computer system, once the target acquired Apache can use missiles, Rockets or Guns to suppress the Target.

    Apache comes with two heavy engines that can boost the Apache's speed by some 300 kilometers per hour, and can fly as much as 20,000 feet, Apache can conduct mission close to some 500 kilometers, these stats for fully armed AH 64 E, if it was stationed in Kashmir region Apache can cover entire Kashmir Region, and reach any given spot within a hour with full combat power. It's believed IAF could use those Apache's close to Border area's to provide air cover to the ground troops, Apache's can't be refueled in the air, however it can be deployed from any forward operating air bases close to the mission area. Apache can also engage air threats like fighter aircraft's, helicopters and UAV's using the Stinger missiles.

   with the Packages, IAF set to receive tons of missiles, ammunition  and spare parts, the package includes" 50 T700-GE-701D engines, 12 AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radars, 12 AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometers, 812 AGM-114L-3 Hellfire Longbow missiles, 542 AGM-114R-3 Hellfire II missiles, 245 Stinger Block I-92H missiles, and 23 Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensors, rockets, training and dummy missiles, 30mm ammunition, transponders, simulators, global positioning system/inertial navigation systems, communication equipment, spare and repair parts; tools and test equipment, support equipment, repair and return support, this amount of weapons are enough to knock out and front line offensive forces, can also support the Indian Army's offensive forces to achieve the object.

CH 47

   As per the initial contract, IAF Selected the CH 47 F, which is the most advanced variant available for export, however later years, some of the CH 47 units modernized with most complicated sensor suites and inflight refueling capability to extend the range,  the MH 47 G also designed with low observable characteristics, the American using very low numbers of MH 47 G varients, which are used by the JSOC command only, America never exported the MH 47 G to other countries, however still now no clear information about which variant of Chinook, IAF is going to acquire, mostly IAF gets the CH 47 F with some modifications.

    The IAF Plans to buy some 15 Chinooks as initial batch, four more later. the CH 47 F can carry or slug upto 12 tons of load, with the maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour, it can fly as much as some 18,000 feet height, the Chinook can conduct missions at some 350 kilometers from base and rteurn back to the base with reserve fuel, It can be deployed from forward operating bases too, however the US Army' MH 47 G only has the refueling capability, no others has such capability. 

   IAF selected the CH 47 for many reasons include it's maneuvering capability to fly low and narrow ways in between hills to remain undetected, IAF mainly selected the Chinooks to transport heavy armaments close to border positions which was inaccessible by the roads, IAF also plans to use the CH 47 to carry materials to construct roads and bridges close to borders, the Heavy lifter Mi 26 can carry 20 tons of payload however it can't perform multi role missions like Chinook,

It reported some media sources quoted anonymous sources, Boeing will complete the delivery of both AH 64 and CH 47 within next 36 months.

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