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Indian Civil Nuclear Project

Indian Civil Nuclear Project

   Nuclear power is one of the major power source in India, but comes only after thermal, Hydroelectric and  renewable energy sources like wind mills and solar panels, But India Plans to increase the Nuclear based power generation to equalize the country's growing power requirement. So far India has some 22 Nuclear reactors in seven Nuclear  Power plants across India, producing estimated power output of some 6000 mega watts of electricity, recently the Russian made Reactor in Kudankulam produces nearly 1000 mega watts from it's first operational power plant, which is the highest single power plant's power production in India.

    India plans to construct more number of Reactors in Kudankulam and Rajastan with the support of Russia and France respectively, in Kudankulam government plans to construct ten bigger nuclear reactor each can produce 1000 mega watts, so far only one has operational, and the second in testing run and third is in construction stage, and in Rajastan the French backed Areva project which expected to produce 9000 mega watts of power from it's five to ten Nuclear Reactors,the project is yet to started, recently the Indian PM signs a Memorandum of understanding with the French Government and Areva company about the price negotiations for the consuming units,

   Even with the Huge numbers of Planned and operational reactors, India need huge amount of nuclear fuel that's the Uranium, despite sanctions in early 2000, India bought nuclear fuel from Russia to runs it's reactors in various plants across India, countries like Canada and Australia hold world's largest high grade uranium deposits, to import from nations who supply nuclear fuel need a authorization from Nuclear supply Group organizations and IAEA- international atomic energy corporation, after the sanctions waived  in 2008, India explored opportunities to build more advanced Reactors and buying high grade uranium from foreign suppliers,

    Later India made contracts with several countries to supply uranium, countries include Canada Australia and more, recently the Prime minister signed a contract with Kazakhstan authorizes to supply 5000 metric tons of  high grade uranium to Indian reactors.

     India also has huge uranium deposits but they were very low grade, enriching and processing those uranium makes huge cost than importing from foreign, but recently The Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research found uranium deposits around Andhra and Telangana Forests, also the analyzed report mentions that the uranium found in that forest is high grade and equals to the importing uranium's grade, so far the team estimated the uranium deposits in that area could reach more than some 50,000 metric tons.  a Single nuclear reactor which produces 700 mega watts of power needs 125 metric tons of uranium for one year.

    India recently initiated plans to build more strategic uranium reserves in India, to store more than 5000 metric tons of uranium, which supply enough uranium to Indian reactors for more than five years, India has a single Uranium reserve which is located in Hyderabad, it's expected that India will construct two more reserves in coming years.

    India has huge amount of Thorium deposits, but currently there is no working reactors which can use thorium as their fuel, the long Indian coast has a deposit of some half a million metric tons of thorium deposits, and India already initiated projects to build reactors based on thorium as their fuel, currently Kalpakkam has hosting a major works of Thorium based reactors, if those programs were Successful most Future reactors will be built by using thorium as their Fuel.

    It's expected that India can reach 30,000 mega watts of power generation through nuclear reactor by coming 2030.

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