Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Pakistan Nukes is the ISIS Nukes

The Pakistan Nukes is the ISIS Nukes

       It's just been released in the media's that the ISIS said it would buy the Nuclear bomb from Pakistan, It's nothing new to but most defense think tanks already suspected that Pakistan would deliver it's nuclear bombs to it's proxy's that means their closest Terrorists, Meanwhile most of the Pakistani serving officials are pro Jihadi's or an Terrorist supporters,also Pakistan is the safe heaven for Terrorists since decades.

       It's earlier reported that Saudis may abandon it's non Nuclear state by buying Nuke bombs from Pakistan and Missiles from China, makes them a powerful Nuclear nation can confront against their rival shia enemy Iran. 

        Pakistani's wont sell Nukes to shia states, but they can provide nukes to any Sunni organizations, The best example is Pakistan ready to fight against the Houti's in Yemen where Houti's were Shia, but they didn't spent a penny to fight against Sunni Terrorism in Iraq widely named ISIS.

       Recently a French Journalist did a covert investigation about e-jihadi, where She almost found the Hub of Jihadi bride requirement, which is located in Pakistan. which makes the connection between Pakistan and ISIS is more stronger than ever.

       These details were published in the ISIS weekly magazine which is published by themselves, sates the plan of  buying the Nuclear bomb's from Pakistan, also they said they have enough money to buy the bombs from Pakistan, since ISIS have vault of money which comes through by oil trades done by Black market dealers.  it's easy to buy nuclear bombs from Pakistan

         But in Nuclear Black market they can buy enough materials to build a nuclear bomb, but they don't have enrichment plants. one have to thanks the Israeli's for that, who destroyed the Iraqi Nuclear plants in 1980's and buried their dream of being Nuclear.

        There is no way to prevent the ISIS byuing the nukes from Pakistan, but one have to act smart to prevent them using against our States, so far ISIS prime target is the USA, but which can't be ruled out, Iran and India also in their top List, With the improved surveillance the Indian Borders are  sealed and close surveillance by Tri services.

It's once again The Pakistan showing it's true face in front of Global Humanity. 

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