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Broad Range of Air lifter from Indian Air force

Broad Range of Air lifter from Indian Air force

     The Indian Air force operates several kind of Air lifters include Fixed and rotary wings, for both Transport and Resupply. the Indian Air force operates some types of Air lifters which is best in it's Field, Like C 17 for Strategic An 32 for Tactical and  C 130  for Specail operations.

C 17 Globe Master III

         To boost Strategic Air operations IAF decided to buy the Best Strategic Air lifter C 17 from US, as of now IAF operates ten C 17, which makes IAF  second bigger operator of C 17 outside USA. where IAF also requested the Ministry to buy another six  C17, since the Induction of C 17 almost shows it's performance all over the world evacuating Indian personals in case of emergency. from Libya to last Yemeni Evacuation IAF used the C 17 for round a clock operations, and the C 17 performed very well without any glitches.

         With the quick change of cargo and Transport options by removing or Adding passenger seat, the C 17 performed very well during Maldives water crisis and Nepal Earth Quake, the C 17 can carry some  77 tons of payload with the Range of 4000 kilometers, or it can carry 134 Troops with the Range of 10,000 kilometers, makes them a True Strategic Air lifter.

IL 76 Candid

        The IL 76 also a Strategic multipurpose Air lifter, IAF operates 17 of them for transporting and Cargo handling, the IL 76 is made by Ilyushin Russia, the IL 76 also used in many situations, but It's mostly used for Support and Logistics delivery for IAF fighter Aircrafts,  but it can also act as a Troop transporter and Resupply during war time, since the peacetime operating costs are much higher compared to the C 17, Indian Air force uses the IL 76 for extreme purpose only.

         IAF operates six IL 78 MKI refulers for aerial Tanker, and another two were modified to carry rotating radar dome for Airborne control center, three more in order, makes the IL 76 numbers to 17+6+2 and optional three more. The IL 76 MD can carry 60 tons of cargo with a Range of more than 3500 kilometers.

         some IL 76 can carry two 23mm cannon in the back side to shoot any threats, since it's obsolete, IAF didn't use th Guns, or they removed it,  where the details still not available for Public release.

C 130 J Super Hercules

         One of the finest Tactical air lifter in the world which can do amazing mission, land and Take off from any kind of unpaved runways, It can take off and Land in beaches, it can land in world' highest Air Strip Daulat Beg Oldie. so far IAF operates five C 130 where one was lost in a mission where IAF pilots doing practice how to fly low and maneuver, the lost one will be replaced by newer one where Ministry cleared to Purchase, Also IAF plans to acquire additional 6 C 130 J to boost the strategic Air lift and Special operational Quick Deployments.

     the C 130 can do amazing operations, since it is very useful for conducting special operations inside or outside friendly territories. the C 130 also used in several humanitarian efforts like sending NDRF peoples and delivering aid and resupply during Heavy flood in Uthrakhand also in Nepal Earth quake C 130J did awesome missions, 

     The C 130 is an Tactical air lifter which can carry some 90+ Airborne Paratroopers with the Range of some 5000 kilo meters, and with reduced range it can carry 20 Tons of cargo.

An 32 Cline

    Indian Air force's another work horse is the Ukrainian made An 32 twin turboprop tactical air lifter, the An 32 did some awesome air lift during emergency situations and war times. He is the lone super hero by performing missions over Kashmir and High Altitude Air strips, Since it's very good for Tactical support only, IAF will not use for other Purposes.

     IAF operates nearly 100+ An 32, which were recently upgraded in Ukraine with new avionics, modern oxygen supply system and improved crew seats, which makes the An 32 too keep the arrival of Medium Transport Aircraft The HAL UAC MTA.

       The An 32 can carry some 40+ paratroopers for special operations with the range of some 2500 Kilometers, also it can carry some 8 tons of payload with reduced Range.

Dornier Do 228-201

        The IAF uses some 40+ Do 228 for logistics and resupply purposes, with more than 14 such aircrafts in orders, the Do 228 is a good less weight utility Aircraft, can operate in any rough conditions, which makes the Do 228 is a STOL capable aircraft,

       Since it's primarily used for logistics, IAF used for certain utility purpose only, the State owned HAL assembles the Do 228 and delivering it to Coast guard, and Navy makes the most efficient utility platform in Indian Conditions 

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