Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nepal Hit by 7.9 Earthquake

Nepal Hit by 7.9 Earthquake

  It's in the Morning that a Heavy Earthquake hit Nepal's Capital Kathmandu and makes severe damage to the Peoples and Properties, it was measured by 7.9 in USGS Richter scale, within 30 minutes another 7.5 hit same place 80km near Kathmandu 

   The shock wave even shakes entire North India, and peoples feel scared when high pound of shakes. 

       The Indian Ministry acted quickly and setup ed hot lines and emergency team to assist the peoples, India first taken care of Indian states who borders near by Nepal who also struck by the Earth quake, 

     Within moments India also contacted Nepal govt and offered it's assistant and makes standby both Armed Forces and National Disaster Response Forces.

      within moments IAF get orders from both govt to drop NDRF team to Kathmandu for Rescue mission, IAF pushes the Operation by launching a C 130 J Hercules loaded with NDRF team and assisted equipment’s, who just landed in Earth quake affected area, and start the rescue and support mission.

      Also C 130 J performs aerial recon missions to provide the NDRF team about way points and guiding them to reach stranded peoples.

      Also another C 17 loaded with Rapid reaction Aero Medical Team, along with Medical teams and Doctors, who can provide Medical assistance to them. Which act as a Mini hospital also have Hgh end Operation Theater too.

     Not over so , MOD also reports another NDRF Team loaded into a IL 78 Air lifter and will be reach Kathmandu within minutes. 

Another C 17, C 130 Ready with aids will reach Kathmandu if orders were issued, And just now PM orders immediate dispatch of relief and medical teams to Nepal, directs evacuation of Indian tourists.   

 As of now the causalities  reported more than 400 in Nepal.      

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