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IAF once again Plans to Buy the Derby and Python 5 Missiles

IAF once again Plans to Buy the Derby and Python 5 Missiles 

Teajs shown with Derby and Spyder
      The Indian Airforce wants to add more Python and Derby Missiles into it's godown. where IAF previously once buy some undisclosed number of those missiles for the Light Combat Aircraft the Tejas. Recently Flight Global Confirmed Indian interests of buying more deadly Israeli made Air to Air Missiles which is more advanced for Dog Fighting and Air superiority. Previously the Indian Air Force Buys a Spin off Ground based SAM version of SpyDer. which is the same  Python and Derby missile launched from ground based platform. The IAF later bought some 750+750 Python 5 and Derby missiles to equip with the Spyder System.

Israeli F16 with Derby and Python 4
      The Derby is working under the Principles of BVR (Beyond Visual Range). which means the missile can capture the Target with imaginary devices and lock it the Target then calculate the path to destroy the Target. the Derby can operated in both day and Night operations and it suits well for WVR           ( within Visual Range ) engagements. which is best for the Known Dog fight where the Fighters can fight in the mid air showing their aggressive mode to defeat another one.  The Derby has the Look Down/Shoot down capability which means the Fighters mission computer check the Target's weak zone and feed it to the Missile then the missile ready to hunt the Target and hit the weak zone to achieve  total distruction  of the Target. the missile also complies the Fire and Forget mode which means once you launched the Missile you don't need to guide or update the missile from your cockpit. The missile alone do it and perform it's mission. the main ECCM ( Electronic Counter Counter Measure's) all the fighters equipped with Electronic countermeasure to confuse the inbound missile they fire it's flare to confuse the Missile as Fighter or heat source. most previous generation missiles fails to hit the target due to the ECCM. but nowadays most of the missiles equiped with ECCM which can evade the flares and target the correct enemy. 

      Another good thing in the missile is the LOAL/LOBL modes. the LOAL ( Lock on after launch)  modes allows the fighter to launch the missile before locking the Enemy fighter. where enemy can maneuver too much where friendlies can't do the same. so if you launch the Derby before locking the enemy fighter it can lock and shoot it down. in LOAL mode you should not let your wingman closer to the missile. LOAL is best for solo play.  LOBL (Lock on Before Launch) which can lock the target using the fighters mission computer then feed it into the Missile then Launch which gives good results compared to the LOAL mode.  Derby can engage Target at the distance of some 40 kilometers but the range can be further decreased by varying the Altitude. 
SAM version of Python and Derby

       The Python is the heat seeking missile which can track the target using the heat signatures.  the Python 5 is the newest in the Python family. it's also incorporates plenty of derby's Characteristics. the python too perform the LOAL missions. the Python 5 doesnt't have ECCM  feature but it will be more deadlier if it's launched in visual range targets. the main advantage of the python is all aspect launch. that means it can enage the target in your 6'o clock targets too by picking up heat signatures of enemy aircraft. the Python is also best choice for dog fighting. if your enemy turned his engine ON mode. then it should be a last day of your enemy's aircraft even he is in your behind but if he cruise behind you that's all the Python picks your engine as a Target. that's all game over. 

F 16 Loaded with Python Missile

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