Friday, March 11, 2016

Air force readies for Iron fist fire drills

Air force readies for Iron fist fire drills

    The Indian Air Force would demonstrate its Combat and firepower capabilities at Pokhran on 18 Mar 16. This mammoth exercise in the Thar Desert would involve the participation of 181 aircraft departing from multiple bases, and demonstrate a synchronized aerial ballet that would showcase its deadly combat capability over the entire spectrum of aerial operations.

This exercise holds special significance as it represents the lethal face of the Indian Air Force in its pre-eminent role as the cutting edge of our nation’s military capability. This exercise holds special significance as it represents the lethal face of the Indian Air Force in its pre-eminent role as the cutting edge of our nation’s military capability. The exercise shall showcase the journey of the IAF’s transformation over the years and cover its glorious history.

Glimpses of an exponential increase in the operational capabilities of the Air Force with focus on the concept of all weather, network-centric operations, precision weapon delivery and ability to deliver lethal firepower would be on display during the exercise. The exercise shall also bring to light the multifaceted nature of Indian Air Force through its ability to showcase itself with aerobatic displays by modern combat aircraft like the Su-30 MKI, Sarang, and the Surya Kiran Aerobatic team.

Air force confirmed that nearly 181 airborne assets will be used to show the air power. Which include fighter jets, transport planes, special mission aircraft's, attack helicopters, transport helicopters, unmanned airborne vehicles. for the ground variety of surface to air missile systems, man-portable air defense missiles, IAF commando's and NSG commando's also involved in this special mission.

Iron fist 2013 is the first fire drill conducted by the IAF, which showcases IAF's all weather, day-night capability of operations. Same like this years Iron fist also involves day-night operations which include a nighttime commando raid exercise. During Kargil, IAF ill-equipped to conduct air support missions in the night.

IAF plans to showcase more Indian made weapon systems in the fire drill, which include the Akash missile system, Astra missile, and plans to use many of the homemade guided bombs, which include OFB made runway denial bombs and laser guided missiles.

It's almost confirmed that Tejas also deployed to conduct live fire drills, Tejas already proved it's laser guided striking capability in Iron Fist 2013, by dropping a laser guided missile and firing an R 73 infrared guided missile in very short time. It's believed this time also it will perform multiple bomb drops as show off his close air support capability.

Air force's workhorse Jaguar also deployed in Iron Fist exercise, where it will showcase it's SEAD capability by conducting anti-radar missile firing capability, terrain hugging capability and dropping runway denial bombs across the simulated targets.

IAF also plans to showcase the unmanned aerial vehicles, India currently operates a variety of  UAV's most of them bought from Israel, It's also believed air force showcases the home made Rustom drone  too.

Airforce also plans to use the modern tactical air lifters like C 130 J and An 32 to conduct commando operations like sabotaging, hostage rescue, combat search and rescue missions, Helicopters like Mi 17 and Dhruv also planned to be used for this operation.Live demonstration by IAF Guards and special heliborne operations shall be a ‘highlight of the proceedings of the event which shall straddle both day and night.

IAF also showcase it's special mission aircraft's like flying airborne control center flight like A 50 Phalcon and the airborne refueling planes like IL 78. Transport fleet like C 17 also conducts para drop missions too.

 The final day of exercise will be witnessed by the supreme commander of the Indian armed forces, Prime minister and other bureaucrats.The event also will be broadcasted live on National television for the nation to witness the prowess of its Air Force.

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