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Star wars weapons from DRDO

Star wars weapons from DRDO

While New technologies are emerging across the Globe, DRDO also mulls it's team to study and materialize modern projects like Direct Energy weapons, for this two special area's taken first one is the Laser another is Railgun, where DRDO already involved both projects in earlier, but due to lack of technological expertises and fund they forced to close the Projects, But now again the Researchers digging shelved direct energy weapon projects.

At first they plans to concentrate on the heavy pulse gun projects, which means a huge particle accelerator can accelerate electrons at high speed, like a example of  very high voltage of current suddenly pass through any electric equipments, the same earlier known as the KALI, KALI means Kilo ampere linear injector, which can produce heavy pulses, that helps the electrons to travel faster and impact the target with powerful electrons, Earlier KALI was jointly developed by the DRDO and BARC.

India planned to use the pulse generator to kill enemy ballistic missiles and aircrafts by destroying it's electronic circuits with the use of highly powerful electron pulses, most missiles and aircrafts runs with bunch of circuit boards and chips, the electronic parts controls the entire airborne systems, if even an one small circuit boards fails the entire system will fall, with the powerful KALI series the Pulses can travel much longer distance to kill enemy long range missiles.

Currently most of the Anti ballistic or Anti air missiles uses kinetic energy to destroy the enemy missiles, some uses the direct kill technology, some uses a Hit and kill vehicle to launch small multiple fragments to destroy the missiles in flight, but most of the Ballistic missiles comes with good defensive systems which can spoof anti missiles, mainly electronic jammer and by deploying decoys, but the same can't work against the Directed energy weapons, no one can spoof the directed weapons, like the pulses and lighting. the pluses travel straight line and impact any disturbing objects and kills it's circuits with high voltage of electrons.

Earlier versions of KALI produces 0.4 gigawatt's of power and accelerate it into more than 1 gigawatt's. with one pulses in each 40 nano seconds, the Pulses travels at the frequency of 3-5 G Hz. and those devices are used for single shots, means only one shot can be fired then takes time to ready for another round of emission, also the systems need more than 12,000 liters of oil to cools the accelerator.

So the new systems can continuously accelerate electrons and requires lesser power and  weights less than the previous systems, the KALI 10K weights more than 26 Tons, earlier DRDO planned to fit the Kali into a IL 76 Plane, but with heavy weight and recharge time forced the plan down, also they planned to use the KALI as a anti satellite weapons, but that one was not frozen, but can be used if war broken out with full force.

As DRDO said these cost effective Highly reliable systems can be weaponized in a decade and will be used in the Armed forces in a decade, means the electron accelerator will be ready before 2035.

Another major future project in the direct energy weapon field is the Electromagnetic rail guns, DRDO set this program as their second priority, the Railgun is something complex, like using a electromagnetic flux to accelerate a projectile, Simply a Projectile or Bullet can be placed in between a electromagnetic, with the high amount of flux produced by the Electromagnet will fire the projectile at high speed and longer range.

 Currently India has no working projects based on Electromagnetic  field, But it's believed DRDO can join hands with private companies to make a good rail gun. so far the American based General Electronic created a Railgun which can be  operationally deployed, can fire the projectiles at 30 Mega Jules.  

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