Thursday, July 9, 2015

India plans to lease one more Russian Nuclear Submarine

India plans to lease one more Russian Nuclear Submarine

     Last December Indian and Russian government leaders discussed about the Navy's requirements of more number of Nuclear attack boats,  the Russian President Putin agrees the Indian PM's requests and signals the Indians and Russians to work on the papers to create a agreement to lease another Nuclear attack submarine. and Indian PM is on scheduled to meet the Russian President and Naval officials to sign or announce the Lease of second SSN.

      Earlier in the 1988, Indian Navy plans to operate a Nuclear submarine to study about how Nuclear submarines working and How can we Develop something similar in India, The Russians agreed to lease a Charlie class SSGN ( Nuclear powered Cruise Missile Submarine ). It's a Submarine is used to attack land Targets using it's long Range cruise missiles, also those submarines comes with Nuclear tipped Torpedo's to destroy big American Super carriers,

      when India leased the Charlie 1 SSGN, the Russians transfered it without any such weapons because of violation of MCTR, actually It's for only studying purpose, while many claims that's for counter balancing the Chinese Submarine fleet. after the Handover, Indian Navy teams and nuclear scientists studied and analyzed the Submarine  to build something like this in India, That's how Indian SSBN Arihant was born, both boats share many aspects like the Missile launch and Torpedo Tubes, India Returned the Charlie SSGN Indian Designated Chakra 1 by 1992 after the expiry of five year lease period.

      The real threat emerges only after 2000, when India lacks of proper Underwater platforms to confront Chinese and Pakistani Boats, also Navy lacks of Submarines to protects it's surface fleet, the Plans of building more Submarine plans hits roadblocks and delayed, so Navy plans to lease a Russian Nuclear attack submarine to revamp it's underwater capacity for limited time. after talks and Negotiations Indian Navy inducted a refurbished old Russian Akula class attack submarine, used for escorting, Hunting enemy submarines and patrolling sea's to ensure the safety of the Shores. the Akula is something big displacing more than 8000 tons, even the new built destroyer too just 7,000 Tons,  comes with eight 533mm Torpedo tubs for Anti shipping missions, also it can launch land attacking cruise missiles, the deal involving $700 millions with a Lease of 10 years.  the Sub mostly used to escort the Navy's high value target INS Vikramaditya Aircraft Carrier, Most carries need a good long endurance underwater platform to ensure the safety of the Aircraft Carrier.

       The Navy also raised an eyebrow of delays of Indigenous Submarine building efforts, and asks the government to lease one more Russian SSN to revamp the Navy. this is not a sudden request, they raised it since the 2000, they initially planned to operate two SSN, while Government went for Single SSN. after the Talks with Russian President in 2014, the second submarine lease talks are brighten, and they are soon to receive the  second SSN from Russia.

       Currently many sources suggested that India may opt for Project Kashalot SSN, Yasen class SSN, and improved Akula class SSN. in simple reason two were easily terminated by it's status. the Kashalot is too old and urgently build, the Russians managed to Build the SSN within three years, after servicing couple of years, The Russian Navy put the sub on reserve means most equipments will be removed, weapons removed and the Nuke reactor will be shut downed, later India went for Sub lease the same Kashalot also in discussion, Kasholat is as same as the Nerpa/Chakra both based on the Akula II series, after Russia plans to modify the Sub to and put in on active duty, the sub was activated again, the Amur shipyard completed the Upgrade and overhaul, and yet to be floated again in the water, so Kashalot is also a strong contender in the Sub lease.

     Another is the Yasen class Submarine, which is newly built Russian modern submarine, they planned to build five such boats, only one in operations, other just in building status, and it makes another 4 to 5 years to deploy in the frontiers. also the current situation in Russian economics makes the new sub building plans will be frozen, due to lack of funds and import from Neighbors, Ukraine is also a key player to major Russian Naval programs.

  So it's clear another improved Akula is a Good option, earlier many times media quoted that Navy is in talks with Russian to lease the Akula class submarine named  Iribis, which was laid down in early 1993, the construction stopped after completion of 60% due to lack of funds. so it's believed the Indian Navy will fund the program to complete the Iribis and take the submarine for 10 years as lease.

So we can expect a announcement from the PM about the lease of second SSN soon. 

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