Monday, July 6, 2015

Army Plans to replace the INSAS rifle to Excalibur and MCIWS

Army Plans to replace the INSAS rifle to Excalibur and MCIWS

        After scrapping the billion dollar Rifle procurement, The Indian Army Plans to adopt OFB made Excalibur and MCIWS Rifles, both were different in it's kind, while the Replacement Starts within a year first phase will be the improved INSAS Excalibur, later a modified Excalibur which can fire 7.62x39mm rounds, the MCIWS can fire both 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm rounds by changing the barrels.

        The Army earlier announced to buy some million piece of CQB carbines, which were compact, low weight easily switchable Barrels, and some advanced optics for Pin point Aiming, basically they were used in Closed battle scenario's like encounter and door to door operations, as most Special forces already has some good numbers of M4 and TAR 21 Carbines, here most Carbines uses the 5.56x45mm rounds, which is mainly used for Long range but less effective due to low size, but very good in Close battles because of burst or Automatic fire.

    Here mostly Terrorists uses many variants of AK 47's, who houses the deadly more powerful 7.62x39 mm bullets, makes more powerful and also has armor piercing capability,  that's why most combats Soldiers die because of wounds, those bullets almost destroy the target because of the size, also it's effective in smaller area's, simply Bigger size can strike with more power and smaller size has increased range vice versa, so here the new CQB deal not so much interesting, since we need a good marksman along with some Heavy round Rifles, that's why still many Army guys loves the AK series Rifles,

        The Army Takes a good decision by replacing those old platforms with new Excalibur Rifles, which is same but it has some difference from it's mother INSAS.

      The Excalibur is nearly 500 grams lesser than the INSAS, makes similar weights to the American M4, the barrel length also shorten to 16 inches makes the Rifle less weight and length, makes it good to carry and fire easily. these characteristics makes the Excalibur good for ighting in close quarter battles. the Excalibur bitter smaller than the AK 47 and AKM rifles also bit longer compared to the TAR 21 Rifle.

        The Excalibur can hold 22 bullets in it's chamber, as 5.56x45mm bullets, which can fire single, 3 round burst and Fully automatic mode, earlier the INSAS had only single and three round burst modes only, the Excalibur has a good fore grip to hold the rifle and for steady shots, also the rails above the Rifle can house multiple attachments like Night vision Thermal, marksman scope and Red dot sights, amkes the rifle can adopt NATO standard attachments very easily.

       The OFB also plans to makes or already made a Version of Excalibur which can fire 7.62x39mm rounds, which is also can be shuffled with the Forces. actually it can solve most logistic and service issues. because of the single model rifle, we have couple models for Army Regular operations, where soldiers can hold different kind of Chambers and bullets, and after induction of Excalibur in full force this might be solved where only three models of bullets needed, for Regular Warfare in open scenario 5.56x54mm and for Close battles 7.62x39mm and for marksman or dedicated snipers it's .339 lapua magnum, only three variants.

       The another one is the MCIWS ( Multi Caliber infantry weapon System ) means a Single rifle can fire both 5.56x54mm and  7.62x39mm rounds by changing the Rifle barrels and Bullets only, the Rifle is in Advanced stage of Building which was the Last known Information, but no updated info about the current status, The Army also plans to shuffle MCIWS in the Forces later once it ready for induction. 

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