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Know your Special Forces

Know your Special Forces

       Special forces or Elite forces one of the backbone of the Infantry regiment can infiltrate assault, sabotage and Assassinate enemy potions, although the tri services has had their own special forces, and Paramilitary forces too have Special forces for operation deep behind insurgency lines,

MARCOS - Marine Commando's - Indian Navy

    One of the most elite special forces in India, trained almost all toughest conditions and carryout exercise with foreign counterparts, they involve mostly foreign operations and assassinations, from Sri Lanka to Somalia they shows their skills and paved the way for Indian cavalry, Marcos deployed almost all over India, from Kashmir to Kanya kumari they did missions, where they operate not only in waters they can operate all terrains, they also part of Kargil war, they never interested in rest, so nowadays they were deployed in Kashmir to kill infiltrators and Terrorists, as per recent Navy reports more than six thousand MARCO's deployed all over India and another two Thousand somewhere in Warships, Foreign Embassy's and unknown Locations.

Para Commando's - Indian Army

        The known maroon Berets, The Army's primary top priority Special forces Known as Para Commando's, since their identity almost classified it's hard to find a Para commando. their main functions including special operations, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, counter-proliferation, counter-insurgency, seek and destroy and personnel recovery. the Parachute Regiment formed early Indian Independence and participated almost all internal conflicts and war's. the main example is the Operation Blue star, where PM directly order a quick assault on Khalistani Terrorists, the Para commando's will participate tough exercises with foreign Combat teams, and last year they won the Championship

Ghatak Forces - Indian Army

      Ghatak forces also another Special forces from Indian Army that they are the first wave of counter forces in case of battle inside India, mostly the Borders are closely guarded by para military forces, where whose Firing orders have some Protocols, if they spotted any enemy moments they ask for the Army's Help to counter, the same goes for Kashmir Police too, each infantry regiments has dedicated Ghatak forces, a Ghatak forces usually consists of 20 soldiers with array of weaponry's. where they can carry out  scout and  assault missions, the known mission is last year the Ghataks were deployed in the front lines to Kill any Pakistani Soldiers in sight near sambha and uri sector, earlier the Pakistani's kill several members of Indian border patrols.

SFF - Special Frontier Force - RAW

     The unit comes under RAW, India's most elite intelligence wing who operate all over the world, since it can access almost all other forces and co ordinate other to take out the simulated target, however the SFF can work under direct command from RAW, where RAW gets orders from the Ministry, earlier the SFF jointly worked with the CIA officials to watch out Chinese Nuclear missions, and still they operating with foreign forces to counter threats connected to Indian and Frontally countries security.

Garud Commando's - Indian Air force

      This is the Youngest Special forces in Tri services, Started after 2000, the main motto is to protect the Air field and support Air force operations.  the Garud's almost deployed all over Air forces bases and some Airports, meanwhile civil airports are under CISF forces, some Garud forces deployed there to prevent any hijacking or hostage crisis in Airports. also they were deployed in African countries to assist and protect Indian missions, the Garud's takes Training with foreign forces to do missions like para infiltrating and Airborne Assault Missions. 

COBRA  - Commando Battalion for Resolute Action - CRPF

The para military special forces specially created to hunt internal threats like Naxal and Maoist terrorism,  the cobra's are most elite forces in gurellia warfare, they can survive any kind of ambush and they too carryout ambush missions to kill naxalites, so far nearly ten cobra units under CRPF and almost all of them deployed in naxal affected area's, they Cobra's take training from Army Specials forces and enlisted into special forces. their main agenda is to control and kill Naxal terrorists.

Black Cats - NSG

      The black cats are the special forces from NSG where they can provide security to most important Indian Leaders, they selected from Military and Para military forces. the Black cats can operate with foreign VVIP guards to co ordinate the security measures to both Leaders.  the NSG also have some other special forces for quick deployment and assault. SAG and SRG is mentionable wings. more than seven thousand active NSG soldiers deployed all over India, while no information about the Black cat Numbers.

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