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PJ 10 Brahmos P 800 Yakhnot Oniks CX 01

PJ10 Brahmos P 800 Yakhnot Oniks CX 01

physical Comparison From Top  Brahmos, Yakhnot, CX 01

           Brahmos is the only Best Supersonic Anti Shipping and Strike Missile as of now and It's also impossible to intercept by any kind of Modern Air Defence due to It's low RCS and Flight Altitude. But the birth of Brahmos has a long story. The Brahmos was first Test Fired on  June 2001 second Test fire happens after Three Years.

              Actually the Brahmos version is the same as the Russian Onix Anti Ship Cruise Missile. The DRDO and NPO Mutually agreed to Produce a most advance Version of Onix hence they came up with the Plan Inducting those Advance Version of Anti Shipping Cruise Missiles within their Fleet only. and they named it Brahmos Representing Brahmaputra and Moskva Rivers in India Russia Respectively.

            The Brahmos Physical Appearance is same as the Onix Missile. Till now the Russians using the Onix Anti Shipping cruise missiles in their front line ships. for some other reason the cost of Onix is less than the Brahmos missile which is $2.8 millions per piece. As of now Indian navy Indian Army and the Indian Airforce only use those Brahmos missiles

                 The Indian and Russian counterparts actively researching to improve the Brahmos more deadlier. and adding more difficult paths and Guidance systems improving it's capability and decreasing it's Radar Cross Section (RCS). India currently uses the Brahmos for tri Services for Navy It can perform Anti Shipping role and Land Attack Missions. For Army It uses Land Attack variant of both Block II and Block III. The Brahmos can be fired from  Surface Ships Submarines Land Based Launchers and Fighters.

            The Block II Version have improved Features like target discrimination capability which meant for Moving Strategic Target and uses Trio Navigational system the Block III Version can do Vertical dives to Attack Behind Mountains and Fortified Places. and Both version can carry Armour Piercing or Penetration warheads.

             The Airforce also have a variant of  Brahmos Missile which will be Recently Delivered to the Airforce. which is a Canister based Missile Platform also Brahmos M version and Brahmos Mini version also in Development. Recent News Unveiled that Brahmos M Should be Test fired from Su 30 MKI by March first week.

Indian Army Brahmos Block II
Technical Details

       The Brahmos Missile uses two Engines one is a Booster which can lift off the Missile and the Liquid Fueled  Ram jet Brings the Missile into Supersonic Speed.

It can Hit the Target at at the Range of

Lo Lo Lo Mode less than 200 Kilometer
Lo Hi Lo Mode Complete 300 Kilometer 

       The Brahmos uses Navigation Satellites of Combination of US GPS, Russian GLONASS and Indian GAGAN. The Navigation system uses the Brahmos Missile in correct path at hit the Target Accurately  and Uses and onboard Radio seeker to Homs the Target and feed it into the Brahmos computer to correctly Hit the Selected Target.

          Brahmos can carry both Nuclear and Conventional warheads .It can carry Nuclear, Armour Piercing, warheads.

         The Brahmos can Fly as Low as less than 12 feets and Hit the target with 1m of Circular Error Probability (CEP). And It can fly much speed of 3 Mach   


Brahmos M
Typical config of Brahmos in Su 30

     This mean to fire the Brahmos From Su 30 MKI Heavy Fighter. the Range Warhead weight, Speed and Other Technical parameters as same as Land based Versions

Brahmos Mini

          This allows the Other Indian Air Force Fighters Like MiG 29 future MMRCA and Mirage Fighters both carry one Brahmos and the Su 30 can carry three of those

Brahmos II

Model of Brahmos Hypersonic Missile
       Hypersonic version planned  to achieve Hypersonic speed of Nearly 7 mach

        But we can't see the above Properties either the Russian Onix or Exported variant of  Yakhnot or the Chinese Clone Version of CX 01

CX 01

CX 01 Appeared in Zuzhai Airshow
          China Recently revealed it's CX 01 Anti Shipping Cruise missile in Zuzhai Airshow 2015. Whose Physical appearance is as same as the Brahmos Series. either they stole the design from Russia or India or Did the Russians give up. Questions still Sounding.

Lets compare the Brahmos Missile with  P 800/Yakhot/Oniks/CX 01

Block II Version Booster Firing

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