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Indian Army Ready to Supply 72 Virgins to ISIS

Indian Army Ready to Supply 72 Virgins to ISIS

Indian Army Soldiers in Counter Insurgency Operation

           Some Sources cited Delhi that Prime Minister may soon Announce a Statement that Indian Army may Teaming upon with the Multinational Coalition  Force in Iraq and Syria to Fight against the Barbaric ISIS. This will predicted to be announced on the Republic Day Parade with the Chief Guest Mr Obama. The US side arguing India should Come in-front to Fight against the Islamic State's Militants. Since the war was announced against  the Islamic State by Coalition Team. This one was Previously discussed with Prime Minister Modi while he is in US. But India Says we will not Fight on the Iraqi ground But we will continue our Support to the war Against Terrorism.

               During the Vibrant Gujarat Submit the US Secretary of State comes to Gujarat and Attended the Submit and Again he asked the Indian Counterparts to step in the Coalition Team to Strike against the Islamic State. and India okay-ed his offer the Ultimate Tehelka Reports citing some sources. and also noted this will Announced in the Republic day .Washington Need Indian Support to tackle those Islamic militants not only this Time they Previously asked India to attend the Fight . Moreover only NATO Countries will involve such Operations Since they are all of them were NATO Members .If one of the NATO ally in Trouble all comes with their Hardware's .The Tehalka Also Reports The Previous Congress Govt also keen to accept US offer to send our Soldiers to Syria and Afghanistan .But the Vote bank Politics dismisses the Plan. 

Indian Army Special Forces

          But India already Deploys some Unnumbered of ITBP Personnel for Guarding Indian Interests in Afghan The Army Provides Tactical Training to the Afghan Ground Forces and Special Forces Operating in Afghan to Team up with Local Soldiers for Counter Terrorism Operations.also RAW's Presence noted heavily along Afghan to over watch Bakistani Sponsored Terrorism. That's helped a Lot to Afghan to tackle Taliban Completely out of from Ex Taliban State Afghanistan That's a Wonderful victory For US not only they alone Achieved after US withdraw  India Takes Steps to deploy It's Personals and Advisers to Help and Develop Afghan to Stand up. for the Past couple of months there were zero Bomb Blasts and Terrorists Attacks in Afghan .That's the Excellency of Indian Defence Forces 

Afghan Soldiers
                 By Coming to ISIS is an Barbaric Sunni Islamic Militants they having control of a Region which is bigger than many other Countries. That includes some Kurd Province Iraqi outskirts and Syrian Border Area's They untied that Boundary and Announced that's a Islamic State which is run by the Constitution of some Islamic Blah blah whose Caliphate is a Leader of Terrorist some Unknown Idiot. The ISIS have Vision and Goals to Empowering their Region and Capture more Lands and Establish the Region with Big Land Mass in the Middle East. their Main common Enemies is the Shia Muslims and the Other Religions Here also the The Jews again comes a Top of their Kill List.They have Decent weapons abandoned by Iraqi forces in their Army Bases that include M 4 Carbine Assault Rifles , Bullet Proof Vests to M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks .for the Aviation they have decent Number of Stinger MANPADS 30 mm AAA's and Old Iraqi Fighter Jets Su 22 and the Czech Trainer the L 139 ..Here is the List of Top 10 ISIS weapons

ISIS Terrorist with Anti Tank Guided Missile

          Currently Iran is alone Providing their Ground troops to assist Shia Run Iraqi Government .But they Provide Supports only the Main Cities and The Capital Baghdad. While ISIS moving with Christian filled Kurd peoples by Killing them Raping their girls and doing some inhuman barbaric tortures. by loss of some Ten Thousand poor Kurd Lives America and Co comes for the Rescue Later Joined by France and Australia along with NATO members.But they only giving Air Support to the Iraqi Forces and the Kurd Liberation Forces to fight against them That will Help to earn Victory for the Friendlies for some time But Not Permanently. But all of them Need Iraq Should change Like Afghan is Now. for this they Need The Mighty Indian Defence Forces.

         But here we have Bigger Problems. If we support the Iraqi Forces and Coalition what will we Get it from International Community. A VETO Membership in UN, Some Important Key Military Technologies. I sure Nothing Above and India is not a Country to earn Something from a War. What we surely get is Our guys get more Operational Capabilities and can operate with Friendly forces. Bigger is Operating in Foreign land and Fight with the Terrorists.while This will helps a lot to Indian Army's Ultimate Aim to Capture Dawood Ibrahim and Co from Bakisanti Heaven. also helps our Soldiers how live in a Foreign land while in Battle Deployment

ISIS with Captured Iraqi HMVEE

          Another Problem is the Communication and Air Support .If Indian Army Deployed in some unknown Provenance of Iraq and Fighting against the Terrorist and Pinned down how they will get Air or Friendly Support those known NATO forces are not act like a Quick Reaction they have also some damn Procedures this surely risks our Soldiers Example last month a Platoon of ISIS attacked a US Army base in Iraq outside Baghdad. the US Army Soldiers called the US Navy's Air Support within Twenty Minuets some Two Hundred ISIS get their 72 Virgins other escaped.If the same Scenario happens who will Help our Soldiers The friendly Air forces But How much time they Take to Provide the Close Air Support ..!

       To Eliminate this Problem Indian Soldiers should Teaming up with Foreign Military's who is one of the Member of NATO. Because No one Believes No Ones.also The US too raise their voice and Take Measures to Punish Bakistan for Safe Housing Most Wanted Terrorists

But I Stand with Indian Army. and I would love to see Our Soldiers Arranging 72 Virgins to ISIS 

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