Monday, December 15, 2014

Photos : Hostage Situation in Sydney

Photos : Hostage Situation in Sydney

Photos Taken from Twitter feed various Sources 

It's Reported that Nearly 30 of them still inside the Cafe which of 5 of them escaped 

One Indian National Also inside Cafe . Indian Minister quoting foreign Media Reports

The Terrorist informed Hostage Placed 4 Bombs 2 inside the Cafe  2 of them Outside 

he Demanded ISIS Flag 

And want to Speak with Aus PM Tony Abott 

Police confirmed there is only one terrorist inside the Cafe 

Hostage #1 Escape

Hostage #1 Escape.
Hostage #1 Escape..

Hostage #2 Escape

Ozzie CT Squad Snipers
Ozzie CT Assault Team

NSW Police

Assault team Preparing

Deployed Police

CT Assault Forces

Police Patrolling
Taking Positions CT Forces

Police Patrolling

Counter Terrorism Squad

More Troops

Snipers Moving

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