Tuesday, December 2, 2014

India Looks American MQ 4C HALE UAV

India Looks American MQ 4C HALE UAV

     The Indian Navy Looks to Buy American HALE ( High Altitude Long Endurance ) UAV Specially for 24 hours Surveillance of Indian Coasts . The US forces Such as US Navy using MQ 4 C for Long Range Maritime Surveillance and the Air Force us RQ 4 named Global Hawk for some Ground Operation which gives assistance to US forces and Allied Forces Operating all over the World. The MQ 4C Always Fly at Altitude of some 60000 feet’s about which is vulnerable to most of the SAM Batteries . With speed of some 500km+ with some 24 Hours of Endurance.

    The Active Sensor Payload which is the Primary Sensor for Search and Track Targets . and A Hi Resolution Electro Optical Infrared Sensor (EOIR) for taking pictures and send it to General Head Quarters or Assigned Ships to Identify the Targets . even if Command need more Accurate information about the Target The UAV can come below 1000 ft and Gather Intel and Suddenly throttle over 60000 feets of Altitude . and Having some Electronic Support Measures which makes the UAV can operate at any Extreme Weather Conditions . The Main Active Sensor Radar capable of 360 degree view can give Track more than 100 of Targets at Fast refreshing Rate.

    Flying at the Height of 60000 Feet it does not Pose any Problems to Civilian Air Traffic in case it can used in such Civilian Air ways . The Air force version of RQ 4 C used in Baltic and Persian Gulf which having Highly Possible of Hot Zone . once the Iranian F 14 Tried to Intercept the Global Hawk which is used by the CIA to gather Intel about Iranian Nuclear Program . But the Global Hawk Managed to escape from the Zone with the Support of US Air force F 22 Fighter.

    The Indian Navy Currently Operates fleet of Manned Surveillance as well as Some Type of Unmanned MALE UAV's such as Heron UAV Imported from the Jewish State Israel . The Manned Platforms include Smaller Range Do 228 and Medium Range IL 38 SD from Medium to Long Range Tu 142 and Newly Acquired New Generation P 8 I . With the Unmanned MQ 4 they Navy get 24 hours of Patrol along the Indian Coasts with Just some 8 to 10 such Platforms.

    The Indian Army is also Looking for RQ Version of Triton for 24 Hours of Surveillance over the Border to Keep an Eye every Seconds on the Border . The Army uses small UAV's to MALE (Medium Altitude Higher Endurance ) such as Rustom and Heron. But which can easily shot downed by Enemy Air Defences. and The Army's JSTARS Which is Currently Shaping in Israel. But Bringing the RQ 4 can venerable to their AD systems thanks to its extreme Height of Operation although called as a Low Orbital Satellite Platform . which Brings our Forces 24 hours of Vigilance along our Borders and Coasts.

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