Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ISIL Weapons

                         The Deadly Weapons of ISIL

MiG 21

           ISIL Captured one or two MiG 21 fighters from the Syrian Airbase. Recent reports reveals they Training some terrorists to use the Fighter against other States. MiG 21 is a Interceptor and sued as a Strike Fighter too If those ISIL pilots Air borne those MiG 21 that should be a Serious issue.

L 139

         It's a  Czech Made Trainer But also used as a Light Attack Aircraft and Ground Attack .The ISIL right now have Two of them which they seized from the Syrian Airbase along with the MiG 21. 

Chemical Weapons

           Recently Reported that Those ISIL seized some amount of Chemical weapons from the Iraqi Bases and they used it against the Kurd Forces which would be Major set back of Kurd war against the Brutal ISIL. 

T 72 MBT

           This is a Decade old MBT mainly Produced in the Soviet Union back in the 1970's a Good Tank in that Time .But Still Many Countries Using it .When it comes into the Terrorists Hands It's become More Deadly .ISIL have Hands of some  T 71 and T 65 Tanks which is revealed by Pentagon two Months ago.

MRAP-Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

         ISIL Captured some MRAP's from the Iraqi Bases they used it widely Which is mainly Protect the Crew from Land Mines and IED's . US ordered it's Coalition forces to Strike those Vehicles used by ISIL

Type 59 Artillery


        Those ISIL using Type 59 Artillery against the Iraqi Forces in last some Battles near Fallujha . a Destructive Shell Fired from the Artillery makes huge damage to Buildings Infrastructure and the Infantry units who positioned in a Bunker or Out posts 

Stinger MANPAD

     Stingers are Produced in the US which is Supplied to the Iraqi Army Soldiers to destroy Low Flying Fighter jets and Helicopters . the ISIL stole some Good Numbers of those MANPAD's from the Iraqi Arsenal .Recently they shot downed a Iraqi Helicopter Using the Stinger Missile .It's easy and Single man Operated can carry by a Soldier to use it anywhere.

Sterla SA 7 MANPAD

 This is also widely used  MANPAD all over the world to Shoot down Low flying Helicopters and Fighter jets . But the American made Stinger and Russian Made Sterla is both of them deadly combo against any Flying Objects

Zu 23 AA Gun

         It's widely used Anti Aircraft Gun mainly used for Air Denial Capability . It can also used as a Infantry Killing weapon too .can fire Multiple Round with it's two 23mm Gun's

Kornet ATGM

      ISIL using those Anti Tank Missiles against the Iraqi forces to destroy their Armour's include their Main battle Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers.Early this Year those ISIL Destroyed Nearly five M1A1 Abrams Tanks which operated by Iraqi Forces


 Normally Known as Humvee It's famous US 4x4 wagon widely used in all operation from Infantry support to Transport and Emergency EVAC .Humvee is a Better Platform . Right now Mostly those ISIL using the Armored Humvee's for their Transport and Attacks and Ramming Iraqi Out Posts 

M 198 Howitzer

    They seized Several Number of Howitzer which is recently delivered to the Iraqi Forces .Whether Iraqi Army used it or Not ISIL Seized Shiny new Howitzer from the Iraqi Army.

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