Sunday, June 1, 2014

IA Hunt for 9mm Pistol

 IA Hunt for 9mm Pistol 

To Replace the Aging OFB Ichhapore Pistol Auto 9mm from all IA Regiments. The Indian Army Just announced to procure unspecified Number of 9mm Auto Pistols for Regular Infantry troops.

 The 9mm Pistol will be go to the Side Arm of Each and EVERY Infantry Soldiers of IA.


·     The pistol needs to have ambidextrous handling with a silencer/suppressor

·     Side-rails for add-ons like a tactical light and laser aiming device

Initial Prospers with Their 9mm Pistols

·     Beretta (Px4 Storm),
·     German-Swiss Sig Sauer (P226)

·     German Carl Walther GmbH
     Sportwaffen's Walther P99

Currently Indias Special Forces Using the Latest Version of Austrian Glock 17 and Belgian FN-35

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