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Top Five Air Superiority Fighters

Top Five Air Superiority Fighters 


F 22 Raptor 


    The One and Only Fifth Generation Aircraft Currently in Service is The F 22 .The US Air force Operating more than 180 F 22 Raptor with Combat Ready .They Deployed it Oversea Bases too .Good Examples are in UAE . The Major Role of the F 22 is Air Superiority and Of course Air Interception too ..It can see first Engage first Kill First RTB First ..It can do all these things with the Help of The AN/APG-77 AESA radar with a range of Nealy 400 KM.Here It Powered by two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 with 156 kN per Engine .with the Thrust Vectoring Engine It is Highly maneuverable at both Supersonic and Sub sonic Speeds.The F 22 Can carry 8 Long range Both BVR,WVR,Radar Guided or Combined Missiles in his internal Weapon Bay .where 6 of them in Bottom Bay and Each one in the Side Bay.It can also do Some good SEAD mission carrying the weapons Internally .So No enemy radar can't detect the F 22 ..Overall No country Claims that they developed the Radar which can Detect F22 .So for that F 22 Gets 10 Points  

Su 35 Flanker-E

         The Russian Version of Air Superiority Fighter .It's not a New design But a highly Upgraded Version of Su 27 UB Flanker .with More Powerful Engines and Electronics Suites and New Powerful Radar The Su 35 consisting 14 Hardpoints .so It can act as a Good Aerial Aggressor if all Points are Armed with Air to Air Missiles.With Combined WVR and BVR Weapon Points.It' has a Over edge all other Aircrafts.Currently in service with Russian Air Force  .So it Get 6 Points 

F 15 E Eagle

The F 15 Eagle  is the Proven Air Superiority Fighter .It's Upgraded from Normal F 15 .The Other F 15 SE Called Strike Eagle has a Primary as Strike Aircraft .While E Eagle version Known for Only Air Dominance .The Main Advantage of this Eagle has It can carry Four Different Air To Air Missile in a Single Eagle . The Israel Defence Force Operates Eagle version of F 15 known as F 15 I in Israel .Over all the 104 Air to Air Victory Scored by F 15 Eagle the Israeli Pilots Scored More than 50% of Kills .So the F 15 E gets 5.8 Points

Su 30 MKI

  The Indian Version of Su 27 UB .Highly Upgraded by Indian Needs to Counter Pakistani and Chinese 4+ Generation Fighters .It Includes the Mission Computers and Adopting Israeli Air To Air Missiles adding Canards into the Air Frame and Newer Thrust Vectoring Engine .It is the same as the Su 35 .where Su 30 MKI getting another Batch of Upgrades .During the Red Flag Exercise the Su 30 MKI Scored Higher Points than the USAF Fighters .with 12 Hardpoints with array of Russian and Israeli Air to Air Missiles It's a Decent Air Superiority Fighter .and Su 30 MKI gets 5.7 Points

For the Fifth Place

       In the Fifth Place we Have Some other Fighters from Russia and America ..From America You can see the F 15 C/D , F 16 Blk 52 , F 16 C/D and the Super Hornet F/A 18 E/F and from Russia The Su 27 UB ,MiG 29 SMT ..each one gets 5.6 points

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