Thursday, April 24, 2014

The RAF Typhoon and Russian Tu 95 Bear game

          The RAF Typhoon and Russian Tu 95 Bear game

Last Day the RAF England Dispatched two Typhoon F2 From RAF Leuchars in St Andrews, Fife .They Intercepted the Russian Bear Tu 95 along with two MiG 31

This one seems Bit Important where EU are announced Bunch sanction against Russia who interfered Ukraine mainland and Illegal annexation of Crimea  .

at the mean time A English Warship  HMS Dragon assigned to track a Russian warship Udaloy class DD Admiral Kulakov.

 Notes about Tu 95 

The Tupolev-95 (NATO designation Bear) is a Russian turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform. The bomber, the fastest propeller aircraft ever built, is a famous symbol of the Cold War.

The Tu-95MS variant, equipped with the X-55 cruise missile, is the backbone of the modern Russian strategic bomber force. The plane is designed to destroy critical facilities in the rear of the enemy at any time and under any weather conditions.

And a Good Comments from  Reichswehr , Cthell  in

 The Typhoon F2 pilots can now exchange photos and ''cold'' war stories with their Fathers and Grand fathers of T 95 Bear intercepts.
 and another good reply for the above Post

 Not to mention compare tail numbers to see if they've intercepted the same Bear.

Full Story and News  Available here 

The RAF Typhoon and Russian Tu 95 Bear game


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