Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ministry plans for Theater command, Combining tri services

Ministry plans for Theater command, Combining tri services 

Defense ministry exploring options of combining tri services, to act against the threat jointly with the support from air naval and ground forces. Currently defense ministry had only one tri service command known as the Andaman command, whose area of responsibility comprises all along the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and waters around. Ministry plans for separate command to counter Pakistan and China. Each focuses their own speculated threat only.

IAF is the one who slowly expanding it's capabilities by wide spreading their missions from initial air defense into deep strike, CAS and observation missions. This also solves the army's requirements of dedicated aviation wing, who currently asks for dedicated attack and troop transporting helicopters.

Defense ministry recently conducted the armed forces commanders conference, and asks the opinion of the commanders about integrating the military commands into one wing. Sources confirmed that Commanders also given green light to the ministry's proposal of working under one umbrella. Earlier ministry planned a Joint chief of staffs to give single point of advice to the Government about the military activities.

Joining the forces into one command significantly reduces the reaction time and give additional support to the deployed troops in very short time. They can help each others in combat search and rescue mission, close air support mission and Infil, exfil operations.

India need two commands to face the Chinese and Pakistani threat simultaneously, Each requires specialized requirements to counter the threat, as in the Chinese front India need CAS and Air superiority fighters in large numbers. while Pakistani front India need large number of troops armored columns and  Artillery's. This difference is comes due to the geographical conditions, The Rajastan frontier is plain, while North east had mountains and rough trains.

The commanders also insisted that Forces need to be vigil at any time, since the threats are advancing day by day with new equipment's and manpower. To counter the threat, India needs to act wisely by selecting exact platform to counter the threat. Like in asymmetric warfare India need troops and observation UAV's, for assassination mission they need armed drones, for manned mission they need good air cover and quick reaction forces for support.

The theater command is in discussion since many years. Once it sanctioned to form, The systematic works takes more than five years, by connecting all assets into one. Currently there is a huge number of protocols to request the Air force for close support to the ground troops.