Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who is Guarding the Pakistani terrorists in UN council

Who is Guarding the Pakistani terrorists in UN council

Pakistan repeatedly attacking India, since the ceasefire agreement from 1999. Even last few years the attacks went more lethal. However it's a surprise how Pakistan keeps its stage strong in United Nations.Pakistan had a good company in the UN who's name is PRC. China is the only nation who repeatedly uses VETO to save Pakistan's face from International sanctions.

26/11 is the worst terrorist attack in Indian soil, who killed 166 peoples which include many foreigners. This one was executed by Pakistani intelligence wing and ISI trained terrorists. India investigated this attack with some foreign support and clearly collected good enough evidences connecting Pakistan governments involvement in this attack.

It's a surprise that there is no bill passed against Pakistan in UN. However due to the pressure from US. Pakistan arrests few suspects that India pointed. Few years after they were released. saying the Pakistani court there is no enough evidence to accuse them. He is now freely roaming in the Pakistani streets.

India bring this issue into UN, majority of nations supported the move, and stand with the Indian resolution. China is the only one who veto-ed the resolution and gives a cover to those LeT terrorists. Lakhvi is the master mind behind the 26/11 and he is a close aide to Hafeez Saeed the terrorist who founded many terrorist organization which include LeT.

With the pressure from US and other European nations, UN announced Hafeez saeed as a most wanted terrorist. US also announced $10 million ransom on Hafeez head. However he will be free in Pakistan with China's support who keeps the Pakistan away from sanctions.

In the recent days, India also brought up the Pathonkot attack into UN, and asks for a international investigation on this. Again China intervened the resolution and used the VETO. here Pakistan's face once again saved by China.

ADB is known as Asian development bank, who gives loan to Asian countries to develop their states. US, EU and many Asian nations among the members of ADB. India requested few hundred millions from ADB to develop India's north east regions like Arunachal and Sikkim. China is also a key member in the ADB who blocked the Indian request. However Japan comes into the game and provide finance assistance to develop Arunachal and Sikkim.

The recent news is about Masood Azhar, who is also a key terrorist who founded the terrorist organization like Jaish e Muhammad. Who also played key role in the 26/11 attacks. Due to International pressure Pakistan performed a house arrest on him, while he roaming in the Pakistani streets without any issues. India brings this matter into UN and asks for International ban on his terrorists organization.

China comes in the UN security council and veto-ed the Indian resolution. , India has slammed the use of "hidden veto" and demanded accountability, saying the world body's general members are never informed of the reason for not acceding to requests for sanctioning terrorists.

"The procedures of unanimity and anonymity of the Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS Sanctions Committees need to be revisited. The procedures of unanimity and anonymity result in a lack of accountability," India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin told the UN Security Council in an open debate on 'Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Terrorist Acts' on Thursday.

US is the only country who sanctioned Masood Azhar and his organization. US treasury is prohibiting Americans from "engaging in any transactions" with the Pakistan-based militant and JeM.

It's the China who keeping the Pakistan's face in UN otherwise most of the terrorist organization in Pakistan has been banned by UNSC. the sanctions absolutely cripples the organizations wealth and thinking twice before attacking India.

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