Monday, April 4, 2016

Russia confirms Pakistani interest of Mi 28 NE

Russia confirms Pakistani interest of Mi 28 NE

Pakistan once again looks into the Russian military hardware to expand it's military's fighting power. A Pakistani diplomat confirmed the Mi 28 NE interest to the Janes. Pakistan already operating wide range of attack helicopters, again looks for another Russian attack helo. As Russia express defense cooperation with Pakistan on two grounds, Air defense and counter terrorism.

Pakistan increasingly looking to expand the relationship with Russia, by buying modern attack helicopters and other military hardware's. Earlier Russia and Pakistan concluded a deal to buy four new Mi 35 attack helicopters, where the deliveries soon to takes place.

The Mi 28 is modern dedicated attack helicopter, even can withstand from large caliber bullets like 23mm and 30 mm. The Mi 28 NE has dual control. The helicopter can be controlled by either the pilot or the weapon officer. one of the known unique features in the Night hunter series, which was recently entered into serial production.

The Mi 28 comes with mutli purpose 30mm machine gun for dedicated ground attack. along with rockets and anti tank missiles for close air support missions to the ground troops. the advanced sensor suits easily filters the threat and engage it with high precision, where Russia showcased such capability in Syrian theater by attacking Syrian rebel targets.

Modern self protection suits and hardened armored structure can protect Mi 28 from advanced AAA systems and MANPAD's. along with a 360 degree situational awareness system. Pakistan will get the modern Mi 28 NE the same which will be ordered for the Russian forces who currently in serial production.

Heavy weapons fitted in the Mi 28 can makes the helicopter best for convoy protection and escort missions. the Mi 28 can provide close escort for more than two hundred kilometers. which is very low combat radius compared to it's competitor AH 64 E. which was chosen by the Indian air force over the Mi 28.

However the Mi 28 can carry more payloads than the Apache, Mi 28 can carry 16 anti tank missiles along with 40 rockets in two pods. while the Apache can carry eight anti armour high performance Hell fire missiles along with thirty six 70 mm rockets. In performance wise the Apache leads in all missions.

The gun fitted in both helicopter has 30mm caliber comes with more than 1000 rounds. The gun in the Apache can be controlled by the Pilots eye vision. while the same not available in the Mi 28.

The Americans never give the Apache's to the Pakistan who has long range and high performance compared to all other attack helicopter. Apache is the only attack helicopter whose combat radius is more than 400 kilometers, while other helicopters like AH 1 Z viper and Mi 28 has a combat radius of 200 km and 180 km respectively.

In earlier the Russians first offered the Mi 28 NE to the Pakistani's, however later it was withdrawn after heavy pressure from the Indian government. However nowadays the growing deeper relationship with Russia, even Pakistan gets handful numbers of Su 35 S from Russia.

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