Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Russia China deepen maritime ties

Russia China deepen maritime ties

Russia and China deepens their maritime relationship into new level to counter the US and Pacific navy's threats in South China sea, Barents sea and in the Atlantic Ocean. This include assisting the shipbuilding, conducting joint patrols and regular military exercise. The Russian and Chinese both needed to be cooperate to defeat the US and allied navy's to expand the Communist aim of Naval superiority in their respected region.

At first step, Russia will assist the Chinese navy to build much powerful warships and submarines, also assist the Chinese to upgrade the existing warships with advanced weapon systems and sensor systems. Most of the Chinese warships are designed with the support of ex soviet designers who were reallocated into China rather than Ukraine during the collapse of Soviet.

Russia is the first nation who supported the Chinese illegal occupation of Taiwanese and Japanese Islands and it's announcement of air defense identical zones. Both of them also armed North Korea to keep the Pacific nations always under threat, recent footage of 300mm Rocket launchers and S 300 variants displayed in DPRK is achieved with the Russian and Chinese help.

The Russian assistance also gives the Chinese navy to get a lethal fire power, Recent deployment of long range supersonic cruise missile in the Chinese frigates and destroyers is the example. The YJ 18 is considered as long range supersonic anti shipping cruise missiles, deployed in the new generation Type 52 D Destroyer, also currently being fitted out in some older generation Type 52 and Chinese frigates.

The Type 52 D can carry combination of 64 long range cruise missiles and naval S 300 missiles which include YJ 18 cruise missile. With the assistance from Russia, China successfully modified the YJ 12 air launched anti ship cruise missiles in the Su 27 and Su 30 MKK platforms. The YJ 12 is an long range supersonic cruise missile with ranging upto 540 kilometers. 

The Chinese and Russians also planning much bigger level of maritime exercises, Earlier years China and Russia conducted larger ever maritime exercise off the Japanese coast, deterring the Japanese who is the common enemy of both China and Russia, The Exercise validated with the presence of more than twenty three Chinese surface warships and two nuclear submarines along with airborne units and marines, the exact Russian ships numbers are not published.

Both Russia and China planning for such massive maritime exercises to express solditarity with each others. Those exercises validated Chinese air defense systems are performed far better than the Russian counterpart, where Russian ASW tactics lead in the drills. later days same such large scale of exercise conducted near Black sea, during when Russian forces invaded Ukraine in earlier 2014.

Sources also suggested that both Russians and Chinese working together to develop a common operating picture to work together. In the medium of ASW and A2D theater. This further deepens the military relationship. who get  information from each other in real time, Similar like the NATO's Link 16 communication interface.

On the far other side, Russia deployed coastal missile batteries, marine garrisons, and military early warning networks close to Japanese shores, Those deployed forces are placed in a disputed Island which is claimed by both Russia and Japan. The Russian deployment started once Japanese conducted routine patrol in Senaku Islands, which is another disputed Island located near China. which is claimed by both China and Japan.

So far, the Chinese Russian maritime alliance didn't threaten the Indian Navy so far, The day it will be broke, if Russian and Chinese navy conducts drills in Indian Ocean region or sails over Bay of Bengal en route to Chinese occupied coco Islands.

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