Saturday, April 9, 2016

US Repeating weapon supply to Pakistan from USA

US Repeating weapon supply to Pakistan

The Americans repeatedly supplying new weapons to the Pakistani's even after heavy pressure from the Indian side. The US president obliterating his expert committee's advice and US State congress advice to not supply more weapon packages to Pakistan. Pakistan is the known country who actively supporting terrorism in Indian Sub Continent.

It's clear from Indian side a good relationship with America only by stopping weapon supply to Pakistan, the country who repeatedly threatening India to an nuclear war, and sending military trained terrorists into India to carry out attacks all along the Line of control and Indo Pakistani border.

The new supply to the Pakistan from US is, nine additional number of modern AH 1Z viper attack helicopters and hand held thermal imagery devices for Pakistani army to improve the situational awareness. Pakistan also plans to start discussing about buying additional F 16 Blk 52 fighters too. These deals are all comes with US subsidiary.

India strongly condemns the US plan of selling F 16 fighter jets to Pakistan, even summoned the US ambassador to India. not only the F 16 fighter jets the US also supplying modern BVR missiles to them. Almost all Pakistani F 16's upgraded and capable to perform precision ground attack missions too.

The Pakistani's approached the French earlier to upgrade the Pakistani Mirage platforms to perform precision ground attack mission. The proposed deal worth of more than $1.6 billion which include Democles targeting pod and modification in the fighter aircraft. India strongly protested the proposed deal. which forced the French to drop the deal. Also French almost suspended almost all kind of military relationship with Pakistan.

India is closely working with the Americans with the interest of building closer military relationship to face the Chinese aggressive posture all along Indian border, from Kashmir to Andaman.  Indian and US military officials continuously visiting US and India respectively to conclude the military agreements like LSA, BECA and CISMOA. even working close on the DTTI program.

India expects a good relationship with the Americans, many of the US congress lawmakers and military leaders too. PACOM commander Adm Harris and US DoD secretary Ash Crater is known military brass who actively support Indian stand against both China and the rough regime Pakistan.

North Korea is the one who threatening the US forces in Korean continent and the American main land with nuclear weapons. The same Pakistan doing against India since decades. even more Pakistan sending military trained terrorists into India to destabilize the peace.

During the Gurdaspur attack, Indian intelligence recovered US made NVD devices from the attackers, which will be used by the Pakistani military or smuggled by Taliban from Afghanistan. India taken the issue to the US, who later redirected the FBI to investigate in the matter. also confirms the Pakistani government involvement in the Gurudaspur attack. same goes to the AFB Pathankot attack. US President Obama still not acknowledged the issue correctly and keep pushing more modern thermal equipment to Pakistan. 

The most pro Indian US military leader PACOM commander openly criticized the US government nod to sell F 16 to Pakistan, Adm Harris said F 16 deal with Pakistan will affects aspects on Indo US ties. Adm Harris also so active about the South China sea issue too. Reports emerged in Media that Adm Harris wants to confront China. White House says not so fast posted in Navy times which was later cleared by the PACOM that there is no such controversy between White house and PACOM.

By looking, Obama itself who supporting the Pakistan with few other democratic backing him. However no other Congressman or Republican want to supply weapons to Pakistan, the only terrorists regime in the Middle east who armed with Nuclear missiles.

Meanwhile one Pakistani analysts criticized Indian moves against the Fighter jet sale to Pakistan, saying India is singed a IGA with France for 36 modern Rafale's, and also looks to buy 200 plus 4++ gen fighter from USA. who saying some ten fighter jets and few attack helicopters can change the military stability of the region.

It's clear the Pakistan tries as much as they can to milk the Americans before the elections, that they know Republicans will not give any such weapons to Pakistan, Since Trump openly says I've a military plan for Pakistan. Trump known as pro Israeli and Pro Indian. 

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