Friday, April 15, 2016

Reliance plans for a major push in Aerospace

Reliance plans for a major push in Aerospace

Reliance planning for a major push in Indian aerospace projects, which were currently in starting phase, the list included modified Tejas and AMCA. Reliance interests in aerospace sector which include MRO facilities, engine development, avionics and aircraft designing. Reliance looks not only the military sector, who also looks through the state government requirement for aviation facilities.

Reliance plans to invest more than $7 billions for the modified Tejas project. IAF plans to procure more than 120 such aircraft, where HAL already invested huge amount in the Tejas production line, to improve the production numbers upto 16 per year. However the need of light fighters requirement may cross over 300. where IAF plans to buy another batch of Tejas MK 2, the MK 2 program shelved due to budget and technology issues.

Reliance understand the vacuum of  Tejas Mark 2 fighters, and trying to get improved LCA production orders from Indian air force. who already established a state of art aerospace park in Mihan, where the infrastructures large enough to support commercial  transport planes too. The facility where Reliance already working on rotary wing supply chain.

AMCA is the another project, who is currently in the table. AMCA is the known flagship project of IAF, who approached DRDO and HAL for development and assembly. However the progress seems bit low, since PSU's need govt's money to fund the research and development. Unlike Private sector invest their own money for R&D. Reliance officials confirmed that they were ready to spend more than $15 billion in coming years.

AMCA is still on the design phase, it seems the first fighter in the world which is going to be developed to accommodate the engine for superior performance, since the overweight issue in Tejas yet to be addressed, India select the American General Electric F 414 engine, which is modified to deliver more thrust to suits Indian and US Navy's requirements.

Reliance is the only private player, who is keen in the multi billion dollar aerospace defense and maritime sector. Reliance is known group who is top in the Indian billionaire list. Other private companies like Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and TATA also interested in Indian aerospace, however their net worth is not even close to Reliance.

Reliance ambitious projects also include, rotary wings. Many Indian private firms and state governments looks for Helicopters for VIP transport. Reliance looks to satisfy the private need of rotary wings. Reliance also ready to supply, upkeep and maintain helicopters for private users. Reliance also plans to build range of helicopters in India. the good example is how Reliance get a chance to build more than 200 Ka 226 T helicopters for Indian requirements and export.

Reliance estimates, the ongoing naval utility program and upcoming light observation/reconnaissance/utility helicopters project value may go beyond $5 billions. Reliance currently in talks with the Bell and Airbus for possible partnership to make those helicopters in India, under the Make in India program.

The Reliance's path finding flow chart estimates clear look through about aerospace sectors, as first finding the requirement of armed forces, establishing capabilities to built in India, once reached, then looks for civil and state government markets, satisfying Indian needs then push towards export to foreign countries.

Currently Reliance has handful of projects and contracts in aerospace sector, who signed number of contracts with Russian firms like Rostec to build helicopters, and ROS aero systems to build Aerostats in India. During Def Expo they signed a agreement with Ukrainian Antonov to build the strategic and tactical military air lfiter in India

In India Reliance is the only private company who keen in bigger defense projects like aircraft and ship building, Reliance has good enough net income to run any projects on their own.

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