Thursday, March 17, 2016

Security review of Lakshadweep island by Indian Navy

Security review of Lakshadweep island by Indian Navy

Indian navy officials revived security situation of the Lakshadweep islands, the Island archipelago consists of several islands and atoll. In Lakshadweep archipelago only a few islands open for public, while most of them kept under the control of Indian Navy. The Island chain also have a small aerodrome to operate small turboprop planes like Do 228.

Lakshadweep comes under  the command of Southern naval command headquarters at Kochi. The Lakshadweep was given by the Maldives in late 1956 to India, with the security assurance of providing support to the Maldives. India kept Lakshadweep as a union territory and gives up major parts of the Island to Indian Navy.

INS Dweeprakshak is converted into a full-fledged naval base depot in 2012. The base will help the Indian naval ships by supplying fuel and food to increase the range of ships operating far from the Indian mainland. the base is situated in Kavaratti island, which is 300 kilometers off from the Indian mainland.

Navy also operates three naval detachments in Lakshadweep island, located in Minicoy, Kavaratti and Androth Islands. Bitra is the another island who recently given to the Navy to develop fourth detachment in Lakshadweep.

In a boost to maritime surveillance and reconnaissance, Navy installed a set of surveillance and reconnaissance radar in Lakshadweep islands. currently, six radars under operational who act as a naval outpost can monitor all maritime activities across the Arabian sea region.

Those Island chains are important to ensuring the security of the region from pirates and foreign naval activities. Lakshadweep act as a vital outpost to counter the Somali pirates threat. The outpost also assists the international economic shipping through the Arabian sea to Gulf of Aden and Oman.

Navy also plans to increase the Naval base's capability by converting the INS Dweeprakshak into a full-fledged naval base. However, the plans are yet to be cleared due to the issues in the environmental protection on the Island.

 However, there are no security concerns in the Island since it's far away from regional threats like China and Pakistan. The only possible threat is the pirates from foreign nations. Indian navy performed well against the pirates and make the shipping lane more safe and secure.

The Airstrip in the island located in the Agatti island. The airstrip having  the runway length of 3900 feet. which can capable of operating small aircraft's like Do 228 and passenger airliners like ATR 72 turboprops. Navy has no plans to operate much higher platform like Tu 142'S from this airstrip.

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