Friday, March 4, 2016

No Air support provided, CRPF loses two Jawans

No Air support provided, CRPF loses two Jawans

      The CRPF's elite commando Cobra engaged in a severe fire fight against maoists, the fight started in Sukma early morning yesterday, There were serious injuries to the CRPF soldier's as one of the Cobra SI takes a bullet in a chest, who immediately need medical assistant, The IAF Mi 17 called in for the medical evacuation support.

The Mi 17 didn't comes to close to the battle zone, where CRPF men fighting against maoists in dense forests, The helicopter waited in a helipad 15km off from the zone, due to the heavy gunfire IAF won't risk to lose the helicopter in dense forests. The wounded CRPF SI being evacuated by men on foot to the helipad.

Earlier, last year ministry of home affairs agreed to use the guns fitted in the helicopters, even they can be used if the maoists fired on the helicopter, The Mi 17 guns are heavy normally it carry's 12.7mm cannon's, which can fire multiple rounds over the threat, a good assist from the air which helps the ground forces a lot.

Hours later, the situation becomes worse, four more CRPF jawan's critically wounded and there is no possible evacuation by foots, The IAF Mi 17 tried to land close to the battle zone, Due to the heavy gun fire IAF aborted the landing and flew to nearby helipad.

This shows, the Air force didn't allowed to use it guns and rocket pods even for self defense. The promise earlier made also a paper promise only. The Mi 17 can carry two 12.7 mm heavy machine gun pod's and two rocket pods. without proper orders IAF won't use them.

Possibly one fully armed Mi 17 is enough to assist the forces who fighting on the grounds, 2000 rounds of 12.7 mm and  50 rockets enough to slash off any militia forces like Maoists and Naxal's. However IAF didn't allowed to do so.

Earlier night reports circulated that, two CRPF jawans martyred, and fourteen others heavily injured during the fire fight against Maoists, and the fight still going on.

If the government didn't want to use the air power against the internal threats, then they can buy a squadron of CSAR ( Combat Search and Rescue ) helicopters to assist them in medical evacuation only. Sadly IAF don't have any CSAR helicopters, except some Mi 35 helicopters, which can also used as combat rescue missions,

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