Saturday, March 19, 2016

Indian Army gets $2 billion worth of Ammo pack

Indian Army gets $2 billion worth of Ammo pack

   Cabinet Committee on Security meets Friday night to discuss to clear army's long time proposal of stocking more ammo for small arms and handheld devices for surveillance and improve the situational awareness. The meet cleared proposals worth of one billion, which could be inked in coming days.

The proposed deals are, Buying more ammo for Carl Gustav rifle and Milan anti-tank missiles, Other procurement's include handheld thermal image devices and indigenous swathi weapon locating radar. The CCS gives more importance to the Infantry, this time, buying these sophisticated systems.

CCS will spend more than $200 million to buy nearly 65,000 of low-cost high-power shoulder launched rocket system. which is used in the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle. Carl gustav is the known good alternative of RPG. Indian army selected the Carl Gustav instead of the RPG. Army uses the Carl Gustav in many operations. which include the ongoing asymmetrical war in Kashmir.

Carl Gustav is an 83mm rifle system, which can fire multiple types of ammunition. with the effective range of nearly 500 meters. The CG even can use to disable armored personnel carrier and infantry vehicle in short range.

HE- High explosive rounds are used for anti-personnel missions and special operations, such as counter-terrorism,  Smoke rounds can be used as a countermeasure, with an effective range of one kilometers. HEDP- a High explosive anti-tank used to disable light and medium armour vehicle. this round can penetrate the armour up to 15cm.

The CCS also approved $300 million to buy 5000 Milan 2nd generation anti-tank missile. Milan is a 2nd generation wire guided command line of sight system used to destroy main battle tanks and military bunkers. with the effective range of some 2000 meters. The additional procurement of the Milan anti-tank missiles can increase the ammo reserve more. It's believed the army already has some 35,000 Milan missile's.

However, CCS didn't mentioned about the proposed 3rd gen fire and forget anti-tank missile, which could be bought from the Israeli Rafael systems. Sources said that the Spike deal would be cleared before the PM's trip to Israel.

In a boost to the infantry's fighting capability, CCS also cleared another $200 million to buy more than 4000 handheld multi-function thermal and laser range finder devices.  which can be used in Sniper operation and infantry fighting. The TI Binocular systems can calculate the exact distance to the target and can also find targets using IR during night and harsh weather conditions. This device can also laze the targets to call the air support and guide anti-tank missiles too.

One of the most important device which could assist the infantry units from hidden threats. This device can laze targets to Apache gunships, Main Battle Tanks, and the fighter jet's Laser guided bomb for precision strike. So far only a few number of such devices in use with the Army. This additional 4000 units can help the army to fight in dense conditions.

CCS, this time, more responsible, that Army proposed the DAC and CCS to buy more homemade weapon locating radar's for Indian army. which is based on the DRDO developed Swathi WLR. This will boost Army's fighting capability by locating enemy mortar and artillery positions and use counter weapons to destroy the enemy assets. The exact information about the usage of the weapon locating radar is explained in this article [ - Army looks to buy more weapon locating Radars .] Army will get 30 new Swathi radars for some $300 million

The CCS also briefed the new plans of raising an additional number of Pinaka and Brahmos regiment, both will cost more than $1 billion. Army requested to raise one more Brahmos supersonic missile regiment close to the Arunachal border which costs some $700 million.  also requested to raise two more Pinaka multiple rocket launching system for $480 million. which could be deployed along the Indo-Pakistani border.

CCS postponed the above two decision to the next meet. CCS is the highest known authority who can clear DAC's proposal of buying new arms and ammunition. CCS is led by highest authorities from the cabinet ministry, which include Fiance minister, Defense minister the meet headed by the Prime minister.

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