Monday, March 21, 2016

Chocking China, Philippines gives five air bases to US

Choking China, Philippines gives five air bases to the US

In a move to bolster the regional security, Philippines gives up five major airbases adjacent to China to the American's to counter the Chinese provocation in South China sea and nearby atolls Islands. On the other side Japan also close to commission it's forward outpost and surveillance radar site in the Snake Island.

Once the American troops withdrew from the Philippines in early 1992, China starts acting as a regional superpower by claiming foreign Islands and Atolls. The Chinese invaded the Philippines island in the south china sea in 1994 and captured the Mischief Islands from the Philippines.

Earlier many times severe clashes broke out between Philippines and Vietnam Navy's against Chinese naval ships, who illegally prowling their waters and attacking their fisherman illegally.

The Philippines is very less equipped military in the south Asian region. Due to their economics and the Chinese pressure to arms export nations. This resulted from Philippines huge losses in its territory. especially the loss of mischief island to the Chinese.

Under the new defense cooperation between Philippines and USA, The US can use five air bases in the Philippines, which include Antonio Bautista Air Base; Basa Air Base, Fort Magsaysay; Lumbia Air Base; and Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base. Those bases located close to South China sea, and within the range of Fighter jets attacking zone.

The US soon to deploy fighter jets, Bombers and maritime patrol aircraft's along with missile defense systems like THAAD and PAC 3. and also plans to deploy few combat units in those airbases. These bases can be used against China only, Earlier US flew bombers and ASW aircraft's from Anderson Military base Guam. 

This makes the Chinese almost cornered by nations like South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India. Vietnam is the only nation on the list who importing arms from Russia, Major weapon systems like Kilo class submarines, Bastion coastal missile defense systems are already operational which was supplied by Russia.

India also beefing up its fortifications close to the Chinese border. Those NATO standard landing strips can support NATO planes like C 130 J and C 295. India also close to ink CISMOA, LSA, and BECA with the US, which allows the US to use Indian bases in case of emergency and during in warfare's.

The US already signed similar agreements with South Korea and Japan to enhance the military stability in the South Asian theater to counter the Chinese over power in the Asian region. Taiwan is the most threat prone nation in the region. who are just a few miles away from the Chinese mainland.

China always maintains harsh relationship to his neighbor nations.the nation who illegally captured Hong Kong and Tibet, who also claims Atolls and Islands in the south China sea. on the other side, China troubles the Indian borders in Arunachal and Kashmir. This resulted almost all anti-Chinese nations joined together to fight against the Chinese aggression.

It's almost clear that earlier China showed himself as a super power and it can't beat anyone. However now the time Changes, A coordinated strikes with the USA can send China back to stone age.

- Blue Planes : US Air bases in Philippines and Guam
- Blue Light House : Japanese Observation post in Senaku Island
- Red Earth : Chinese FOB in South China sea

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