Monday, March 14, 2016

Chinese army spotted in Indo Pakistani border

Chinese army spotted in Indo-Pakistani border

Intelligence sources confirmed that the presence of Chinese army officials who closely working with the Pakistani army near to the Indo-Pakistani line of control. The boundary which divides the Pakistani occupied Kashmir from India. Military intelligence found the Chinese army officers near to the border since last six months.

The Chinese aka People Liberation Army officials spotted few days ago, near to the Nowgam sector in North Kashmir, where troops of PLA led by a colonel working with the Pakistani rangers in the Pakistani border outpost.

Intelligence wing also found that both PLA and PA working close to the boundaries to construct some infrastructures close to the border, Earlier reports revealed Pakistan planned to raise two platoons of troops in Pakistani occupied Kashmir to patrol and secure the Chinese Silk road.

Pakistan recently planned to deploy such large forces in occupied Kashmir, which creates issues on both sides, However the plan is still in the starting phase. In the name of securing the silk road Pakistan planning to deploy such large forces,

During a war, China and Pakistan can attack India easily via this road, both can deploy massive number troops near to this region within a matter of time. they also get unlimited supply from either Pakistan or Chinese side. as Indian options India always tries to target the Karakoram pass, which connects Pakistan and China together.

Army intelligence who acquired data from satellite, communication interception, and manned mission found that China also building a tunnel in the Leepa Valley in Occupied Kashmir, to reach the Karakoram pass, If India took out the Karakoram pass during the first wave of attack, China can use this tunnels to reach Pakistan or vice versa. Some sources said that they working in the region for the past six months.

As a third spotting, last year, Chinese military units spotted in a Hydroelectric power plant in Tangdhar, Occupied Kashmir, A Chinese private company currently building the Power plant to the Pakistan with Jhelum river as the main source. this is another excuse to the Chinese to deploy their ground forces in Occupied Kashmir.

As China almost encircled India, India also trying to find the path to counter the Chinese with International assistance, while India needs to start almost everything from scratch, and it needs lots of time and cost to materialize it.

China warned many times India, to do not join with the south Pacific nations, and wants to isolate India from the anti-Chinese alliance, However, India managed to check the Chinese from all available sides, from south China sea, Arunachal and Eastern Ladakh, India stands strong to counter the Chinese influence.

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