Thursday, March 17, 2016

Achievement of TATA in Indian Defense

Achievement of TATA in Indian Defense

    Tata advanced systems limited organized a seminar to express its activities in Indian defense with foreign collaboration. TATA was known as the best alternative to the state-owned Hindustan aeronautics limited, who is the prime supplier of Indian defense. TATA plans to overtake the HAL by involving multiple projects in future with the government's make in India plan.

TATA confirmed its partnership with global leaders in defense technology, which include US-based Lockheed Martin, Boeing, French aerospace giant Airbus and the British companies like Rolls-Royce and Cobham who also a world leader in aviation and defense related products. TATA confirmed that they were working for the above-mentioned companies and executing its projects in India.

TATA's ongoing projects like missile system development and integration, aerospace sector, homeland security systems, optronics systems, command and control systems, radars, and UAV. these are key area's that TATA currently focusing on developing in India.

In the aerospace sector, TATA is offering the C 295 tactical turboprop transporter for the air forces AVRO replacement program. Ministry shortlisted TATA to build and assemble the systems in India with the assistance from French Airbus. TATA is currently looking to get the approval from the govt to start the production.

TATA also gears up to build a facility to make AH 64 attack helicopters fuselage in India. TATA confirms construction of the new facility will commence within a month, and TATA plans to roll out the first AH 64 D fuselage in next 18 months.

TATA already joined with the Sikorsky to build the S 92 cabins in India. as of now TATA produced  nearly 117 Sikorsky S 92 cabins in Indian plant runs by TASL. TASL also delivered 38 tail assembly systems and 28 CWB's to Lockheed martin for the C 130 J Hercules aircraft.

TATA and the state-owned NAL already developed mission computers for the military aircraft and maritime systems. which could be supplied to foreign customers like Lockheed martin, Indian customers like, Airforce, Navy and research and development companies like ADA and DRDO.

TATA also confirmed that his presence in the Indo-Israeli made barak 8 SAM system, TATA's work in the project is the combat management computers/systems. TATA's CEO Sukran Singh said that TASL is the first Indian company who assembled a complete radar system.

In land based systems, TATA currently conducting trials for a 10x10 wheeled platform to carry the Smerch 300mm rocket launchers. TATA land systems also supplied 12x12 wheeled platform to carry the supersonic cruise missile Brahmos.

Mine protected vehicles developed by TATA can withstand up to 21 kg of TNT blast. the MPV can carry 14 fully armed soldiers. which is already operated by Indian Army, told TATA official in the seminar.

TATA also said about the IFV Kestral developed with the assistance from DRDO. who is currently testing it one of the DRDO facilities. they also planned to showcase the actual system in the upcoming DEFEXPO.

TATA also confirms about his research in the guided missile program. who also part of many guided programs which include Pinaka Mk 2 guided rocket launcher. In the last three years, TATA alone delivered 64 Akash launchers to the user. TATA confirmed his presence in Akash, MRSAM, and the AAD program.

TATA also developed some crucial systems, Fire control system used in the Arjun is developed by TATA claimed one of the TATA official Rahul Chaudry who is the CEO of TATA power SED. He also claimed and shows the model of the ground-based electronic warfare system.

Other key elements in the ground support like NVG devices, Thermal imagining binoculars which currently on delivery to Indian armed forces and central armed police forces.

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