Thursday, February 4, 2016

US allocates half a trillions for Defense

US allocates half a trillions for Defense

     The Obama's government allocates more than half a trillion dollar to the US defense. The US going to spend nearly $582 billions in next fiscal year or upto 2017 which is the 1.8% of their GDP. The package include $71 billions for Research and Development, $7.5 billions for fight against the Islamic state in Iraq, Syria and Libya. The budget already accepted by the US defense secretary and to be moved on US Congress next week.

    The rival US enemies like China spends some $135 billions and the Russians spending some $70 billions. As same like every year most or half of the funds going to spend for some classified projects. Which include a air force secret project and the known LRS B program. The US air force gets more than $200 billions for operations and maintenance.

    This year US going to spend more than  $7.5 billions to fight against Islamic state. which is much larger than the entire Pakistani defense spending. The amount is increased double than the previous years allocation. The US also have plans to send their troops into Islamic state to launch a ground offensive. US also fortifies it's presence close to Kurdistan as they almost expanded a air base close to Turkey, Syria and Iraq border, controlled by the Kurds.

    Meantime The US special forces continuously working in the above mentioned states, that they were executing special operations and counter terrorism mission. US also briefly expanded a Turkey's abandoned airfield close to Syria, which is act as a primary command center to execute operations against Syria. US has spend most of the money for air strikes against Islamic state.

    US also plans to buy 45,000 of smart munitions for the Air force. The LGB/PGM guided munitions can strike targets more preciously. The US almost stopped using unguided dumb bombs. However as per the US needs the guided munitions amounts is very low. It's reported as per Indian theater, India alone need some 45,000 PGM/LGB's to fight against the Pakistani's. However the US already has tons of PGM/LGB in stocks.

    Details also surface that US going to spend more than $8 billions for Submarine acquisition and refitting program. In 2016 US plans to buy two advanced Virginia class SSN and some SSN payloads like ROV, Seal delivery vehicle and heavy weight Torpedo's. US spending closely $10 billion every year for the Submarine program.

    The Ukraine also gets some good support from US in this year. The US roses the Ukrainian support package from $800 millions to $3.4 billions. During the collapse of Soviet Union the Ukraine gave up all their Nuclear warheads to International community with the assurance of providing security to Ukraine from external threats. However they failed to protect Ukraine, Since Ukraine lost Crimea and most of the eastern Ukrainian lands to Russia.

    As the emerging threats of Cyber warfare US plans to spend $7 billions in 2016. which means they going to spend more than $600 millions per month to fight in the Cyber security. The US defense computers repeatedly breached by Chinese and Russian hackers. and the vulnerable drones against cyber attacks.

    US also committed to provide security and economic assistance to Afghanistan, However Carter didn't revealed how much amount can be spend for the Afghan theater. US plans to arm the Afghan with more support of providing additional COIN planes and attack helicopters to fight against Taliban. Indians on the other side helping the Afghan to overcome from the Taliban.

    The Budget also helps the F 35 program, underwater autonomous vehicles, Rail gun systems, Missile defense systems and space based infrared system. It's believed the US also allocates special funds to the South Chinese theater.

    The US remains one of the Top defense spending country by spending 1.8 % of their GDP which is more than some $582 billions. The amounts is higher than the all other next top ten countries combined budget.

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