Monday, February 22, 2016

Pakistan repeating terrorism, India remains silent

Pakistan repeating terrorism, India remains silent

The new government sworn with the promise of crushing the cross border terrorism carried out by Pakistani army and the ISI. The earlier government relies on talking with the deaf who never hear Indian proposal of stopping infiltration. The new government promised they never talk with the rough regime rather than taking actions.

After two years of repeated terrorist attacks, the new government also adopts what the Congress govt used to stop terrorism, However the new BJP government went more than one step by allowing the Pakistani investigation team to investigate in Pathankot. with the repeated question of Pakistani action over the preparators of Pathankot attack.

The congress government poorly reacted when the Pakistani trained terrorists attacked Mumbai, while The government taken steps of mobilizing troops and bring the army's preparedness level into maximum, without taking any actions. Later years CAG and Army general slammed the government not to take steps to restore the war ammunition and reserve ammunition storage.

The above two issue gives victory to the BJP government, who known as aggressor against Pakistan. Even after BJP comes into power Pakistan conducting the same infiltration, as first some days Indian ministers and officials commented roughly against Pakistani actions along the border. This impressed the Indian Army and Civilians that if Pakistan continues the same, India might teach another lesson to Pakistan.

There were couple of major terrorist attack in India in last two years, Gurdaspur and Pathankot is remain top in all, The ongoing firing in Pampore also critical since the Terrorist captured a govt building and already killed five of our soldiers which include two Para special forces captain and a civilian. So far there is no official words issued from the government.

The BJP government once dispatched a special team into Burma to conduct a cross border ops against Maoist, revenging the killing of army colleagues. that impressed the Indian peoples that India might do the same in Pakistan occupied Kashmir too. what Pakistan replied is " we are a nuclear state, India do not try something like this in Pakistani soil ". The government didn't reacted and accepted the nuclear blackmail.

Pakistan repeatedly blackmailing India with it's unknown reliability of nuclear missiles, which makes the political spineless leaders sit idle, rather than allowing the army to carryout operations. The Government often blackmailed by Chinese too, the Chinese also showing solidarity with Pakistan, who makes Indian Army busy in fighting. 

Days ago, NSA Doval slammed the government about not allowing the soldiers to conduct combat operations. Doval also slammed the government's decision of fencing the borders too, He said those fences won't stop the infiltrator or the Pakistani army. What he said is true and we can see in reality.

As of now Indian armed forces are fully capable to trash the Pakistani uniformed terrorists, The Air force fighters can conduct more than 200 sorties per day, which is the minimum figure, The mechanized forces and armored column can reach the border with in 48 hours, The Navy also ready to conduct wrecking mission along Pakistani coast.

Our SAM batteries are ready to shoot down any incoming missiles, who are all escaped from the first wave of air strike. to keep Indian skies safe and secure during entire conflict. 

What we need is the spineless political leaders must react and allow our forces to conduct a limited conflict.

As for your information peoples, the martyred captain Pawan Kumar is just 23 years old, he is a only son of his family. the father gave him for us, Such souls are repeatedly buried every months, killed by Pakistani terrorists. The Pathankot NSG lt Col Niranjan's life also a example, who leave his three month old child.

This may continue till we take action, the words and authorization of allowing the Army to conduct a limited conflict with Pakistan under the cabinet and the prime minister.

Jai Hind

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