Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nirbhay cruise missile

Nirbhay cruise missile

The home grown Nirbhay, is a multi-platform all weather cruise missile. The missile can carry one tonne of payload and has operational range of 1000 km. Nirbhay is a two-stage missile system with loitering capability. Nirbhay is equipped with ring-laser gyroscope for accurate strikes. 

Nirbhay can fly at extremely low altitudes, the missile is enabled with terrain hugging technology which effectively means the missile can fly in the tree levels. This method is instrumental in avoiding detection by enemy radar systems and can help in reducing the reaction time of the enemies.

Nirbhay is capable of carrying both nuclear and conventional warheads. Initially Nirbhay will be launched from a mobile launcher which has been developed by Tata. Further development will guarantee the launch of Nirbhay from Aerial and Naval platforms. The missile will supplement the BrahMos with its extended range.

The first test of the missile took place in February 2013, the test was a partial success as the missile was destroyed half way to its target after it showed diversion in its trajectory. The missile was again tested in October 2014, the missile delivered the package to the designated target flying flawlessly through the skies. Nirbhay is expected to enter service in less than three years.

First Trail - 12th March 2013 - Failed - Missile destroyed in mid flight

second Trail - 17 October 2014 - Success - 100% performance

third trail - 16 October 2015 - Failed - Missile crashed

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