Saturday, February 27, 2016

IAF not interested in more Su 30 MKI

IAF not interested in more Su 30 MKI

Reports emerged that IAF might buy additional number of Su 30 MKI from HAL, which followed by contract with Russia, Buying additional number of Su 30 means IAF have to pay some % of cost to Russia and IAF itself invest money in HAL to produce more fighter jets. Recently Russian media reported that IAF might buy addition Su 30 MKI to upscale the squadron number.

IDRW, quoting unnamed air force official that IAF not interested to buy more Su 30 MKI, HAL in India gets an order of build more than 200 MKI fighters in India, with the support from Russian Sukhoi. IAF ordered 272 units from Russia and HAL. which all the deliveries could be completed before 2019.

To keep the Su 30 MKI production line, Russia pushing IAF to buy more Su 30 MKI, as the MMRCA program cancelled and the Rafale acquisition also in doldrums, Russia believes IAF might order more Sukhoi's. However IAF is not interested in more MKI fighters, rather than looks in to increase the service availability of Su 30 MKI.

IAF currently operates more than 220 Su 30 MKI fighters, which half of then non combat condition, due to lack of spare parts, maintenance and  repair issues.  where Sukhoi, HAL and his sub contractors are all responsible for such low service availability issue. which is explained here ( Su 30 MKI problem )

IAF clearly mentions that, they were looking to increase the service availability of the MKI, rather than buying more numbers, which increases the problems not solving the issue. IAF facing low service availability of Su 30 MKI, nearly 55%. Defense minister said in last year that IAF working to solve the issue and plans to increase the availability by 65%.

So far there is no good reports available that the service availability rate increased, The failed negotiation between India and Russia in last December is a easy guess for that, India also looking for third party sources to solve the MRO issue, Same like how IAF backed up the MiG 21 fleet in early 90's with the Israeli and western sub components. 

The major sub components in Su 30 MKI, like it's engine's blades, radar materials all sourced from Russia, India negotiating the Russians to transfer such critical parts technology transfer, Russians refused to do so.

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